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QUESTION: # of terrorist or enemy of state designated US prisoners

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How many US prisoners (US citizens held in state or federal cages) are designated as terrorists or enemies of the state? Would also be interested in looking at this over, say, the last fifty years; as even folks with these designations sometimes get out.

QUESTION: How do you find the bylaws and other information for a non-profit organization?

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Hello. We need to find out some information about a nonprofit in our area, including their bylaws and how many members they have. We can not do this openly right now. How could we go about finding this information? Please share all the ways you might know! We need this information soon to go on with organizing in this area. Thank you!

QUESTION: switching political parties in nyc

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I was just looking at new york city election laws. I am registered to vote, but am not registered in any political party. I was thinking of switching to be a democrat for this election so I could vote in the primary.

From what I read on the Board of Elections site ( )"You cannot CHANGE your enrollment and vote in the NEW PARTY of your choice in the same year."

I take that to mean that even if I was to switch party affiliation now, I can't vote in the upcoming primary. I would have to wait until next year's primary to vote.

This got me thinking. My main questions is this: How far ahead of the rebublican primary did Bloomberg change his party affiliation?

Is it really the case that I could change affiliation and run in the primary but I'm barred from voting in the primary?

My secondary questions are in how this relates to other places rules on primaries and has an issue like this, a restriction on voting in a municipal primary, ever been resolved in the courts?

QUESTION: Indiginist anarchism

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Do you know of any good books on Indiginist Anarchism?

QUESTION: Social & community impacts of the global economic/financial crisis on low income communities/people of color in the US

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We're looking for resources on the social and community impacts of the "global economic and financial crisis" on low income communities and people of color in the United States. Can you recommend sources for statistical data, trends and anecdotal information? Thank you.

QUESTION: Anarchist business models

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An anarchist friend of mine has started a business and could use some anarchist friendly business models to get things off the ground.

The type of model I'm thinking of would involve allowing employees to buy in, etc. Any other information or sources you could point me to would be much appreciated!



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I am in the process of creating a pathfinder for LGBT books and would like any guides, bibliographies, lists, blogs, websites that you may have in mind for this very significant pathfinder. It will be for young adult fiction and non-fiction at the main library. I can squeeze possibly 100 titles, so would like to be comprehensive.
Thank you for your feedback.

QUESTION: YA lit and other resources related to photography

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I am putting together a topical resource list for teens/young adults with a budding interest in photography, hopefully to inspire more youths to be visual storytellers, esp. those whose stories are not well represented in the mainstream. I have a lot of good non fiction books, but would like to include some fiction that has photography as part of the plot in some fashion, and movies too. Andy Warhol said "Art is what you can get away with." I would like to see MORE diversity in the socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds of artists, and see photography as a relatively affordable and accessible medium.

QUESTION: prevalence of AIDS in prison as opposed to prevalence on the outside?

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In 1998, AIDS was 5 to 10 times more prevalent in U.S. prison than on the outside. How would I find out whether this is still true today (or what the new prevalence of HIV/AIDS is both in and out of prison)?

QUESTION: zine cataloging

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I'm beginning a paper about cataloguing zines and self-published material. Do you know of any good articles about cataloguing zines? Do you know of any notable zine collections? Any major zine collections I should know about in the New York Metropolitan area? Any information about how to catalogue zines would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

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