QUESTION: Sanctuary/Religious activism in Dallas, TX

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I am currently researching Quaker culture in Dallas, TX. I discovered that in 1983 the Dallas Quaker Meeting House agreed to provide sanctuary to Central American Immigrants in need. I am wondering if there is any record of an immigrant taking sanctuary through the meeting house, or any conflict with local law enforcement regarding a claim of sanctuary.

Answer: Collections Development Question


To help with part one of your question, the Alternatives in Print database lists:

Arbeiter Ring

Between the Lines
Canadian Committee on Labour History
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

I hope someone else, maybe from the Montréal collective, will have some suggestions for part two!

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QUESTION: Collections Development Question

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Hey, I am a member of the Progressive Librarians Guild, London Ontario Student Chapter. We are developing a special library with the UWO teaching assistants union (PSAC Local 610). It is designed to be a collection of books on the history of the labour movement in Canada, the academic workplace, the student movement, and more. As a joint project, the library is intended to provide an information resource for union activists.

We are currently in the collections development and acquisition stage. Our question is two-fold: would you happen to know of any independent and labour-friendly publishers based in Canada? Would you have any suggestions for materials to strengthen this collection?

QUESTION: Radical Unionism/ Debtors Unionism

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Does anyone know of any articles written about Debtor's Unionism? What I mean by a Debtor's Union are people getting together to collectively resist paying similar or different types of debt. I'm interested because there seems to be some validity in this structure and Google is not much help on this topic. Thanks:)

QUESTION: Basic timeline of global worker cooperative history.

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I work with (a growing number) of immigrant led worker cooperatives based in rural Western NC and am looking for any type of historical timeline on the history of cooperative enterprise here in the US and in the Global South. To help folks understand the context and history and global scale of coops.

With an emphasis (if possible ;) on coops developed by and for working class communities.

Any basic resources would be immensely appreciated.!!

Labor quote


“It is essential that there should be organization of labor. This is an era of organization. Capital organizes and therefore labor must organize.”
--Theodore Roosevelt (American 26th US President (1901-09), 1858-1919)

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QUESTION: looking for provocative quotes: universal healthcare and right to organize at work

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I am trying to gather a number of provocative quotes about two topics:

1. The need for universal healthcare, everyone's moral obligation to care for one another, and the need to address health disparities
2. The importance of workers having the right to organize at work, workers having a voice at work

These quotes are going to be given to several artists who will use the quote to paint a picture. The quotes and pictures will be put into a social justice calendar.

I am looking for a variety of voices: everything from dead prez lyrics to something margaret cho said to a blogger. It would be great if you could send me actual quotes with citations or even sources that I should peep out. Thanks

QUESTION: Quitting My Job. Paycheck Withheld

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I quit my job without notice and I still have uniforms to turn in. Can an employer with hold my paycheck until I turn in the uniforms? This is not my final paycheck. I have one more coming.

US Bishops Labor Day Statement - Unions, Immigration

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has released a five page message for Labor Day that concludes:

Labor Day 2007 is a time to look back, look around, and look ahead. It is a day to celebrate the work and the workers who are at the heart of this holiday. It is a time to recall the powerful and consistent teaching of our Church on the dignity of work and the rights of workers. It is an opportunity to remember when we have fallen short and when we have made a difference. Most of all, like New Year’s Day, it is a time to resolve to do better. For Catholics, Labor Day 2007 is a time to recommit in our own small ways – to our own work, to treat others justly, and to defend the lives, dignity, and rights of workers, especially the most vulnerable. This is a requirement of our faith and a way to advance the promise of our nation.

ANSWER: Arab labor history

    Here are some titles you might want to check
out.  With the exception of "From socialism to Islam" all of these
titles are available through ABE Books
For that one I could not locate a local source.  It is however
available through Ohiolink or UW Madison.  If you are so inclined
you could probably score it through interlibrary loan from your public
library.  I also located this Wikipedia web page that might be of
interest.  The Ejournal  Socialism Today  also has a lot to say about Islam and the Arab World. 

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