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Hey, I am a member of the Progressive Librarians Guild, London Ontario Student Chapter. We are developing a special library with the UWO teaching assistants union (PSAC Local 610). It is designed to be a collection of books on the history of the labour movement in Canada, the academic workplace, the student movement, and more. As a joint project, the library is intended to provide an information resource for union activists.

We are currently in the collections development and acquisition stage. Our question is two-fold: would you happen to know of any independent and labour-friendly publishers based in Canada? Would you have any suggestions for materials to strengthen this collection?


To help with part one of your question, the Alternatives in Print database lists:

Arbeiter Ring

Between the Lines
Canadian Committee on Labour History
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

I hope someone else, maybe from the Montréal collective, will have some suggestions for part two!

academic labour resources

For part two of your question, you might take a look at the following academic labour/corporatization bibliographies:

Living in Interesting Times

Corporatization and Centralization at the University of Victoria

Also Craig Heron (historian at York) has written a short history of the Canadian Labour movement worth reading - and the bibliography will lead you fruitfully elsewhere I'm sure. The relevant LC subject heading is "Labour Unions Canada History" - and you might use it to check Worldcat and see what else is out there.

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