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For those in the NYC-metro area, this looks like fun: Anarchism on Film series at Anthology Film Archives: December 16-23.

QUESTION: emma goldman birth control talk transcript/pamphlet

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Hi all. I have been reading more about and by Emma Goldman recently, and I have this serious desire to find out what she actually told people about birth control in her talks that landed her in jail. I haven't been able to track down that info. Looked in the birth control issue of Mother Earth, looked in Berkeley's Emma Goldman Papers, the Jewish Women's Archive, looked in Anarchy! an Anthology of Emma Goldman's Mother Earth Glassgold, Ed. Waiting for a response from the Labadie Collection at U Michigan.

I'd be really excited about either a talk transcript or one of the pamphlets that she distributed.

Thanks so much for any help!

Labadie Collection doesn't have anything : (

QUESTION: Anarchist business models

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An anarchist friend of mine has started a business and could use some anarchist friendly business models to get things off the ground.

The type of model I'm thinking of would involve allowing employees to buy in, etc. Any other information or sources you could point me to would be much appreciated!


anarchist documents


I wanted to add a couple more libraries and other resources regarding The Blast and other anarchist materials held in the Bay:

California State University (East Bay) and the University of California (Santa Cruz) also have original editions of The Blast.

I haven't been to the Longhaul Infoshop in Berkeley in a good while, but they should have materials on anarchist history in the Bay Area. It may not go as far back as the 1910's, but i know they have a sort of library in there.

Freedom Archives is an audio archive with materials on all kinds of social movements in the Bay Area and beyond. Doing a search for "anarchism" gives you a number of results on the anarchist inspired Food Not Bombs project. (Searching for "anarchy" or "anarchists" brings some stuff up, but it's not Bay Area stuffs.)

The Labor Archives at San Francisco State University has one entry of materials relating to anarchism:
* JEAN PAULINE: (b. 1921) Retired from Modern Times Bookstore Collective in 1996 after
twenty-five years; discusses youth in Brooklyn, 1920s-1930s, early interest in cooperatives and
anarchism, coming to California, 1944; helping establish Peace and Freedom Party in San Diego,
1967; and Modern Times Bookstore Collective in San Francisco, 1971; describes assisting
victims of AIDS crisis, San Francisco, 1980s.
Interview conducted by Harvey Schwartz

The San Francisco Public Library has an entry for a 1992 anarchist newsletter called The Web. It's not clear what their holdings are. You might want to contact the archives of the San Francisco Public Library to see what they have as well.

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The Blast



I'm not in SF, but I came across some libraries in San Francisco on Worldcat that contain back issues of The Blast. I've added links for each library so you can see the hours and get phone numbers etc.

Oakland Public Library Oakland, CA 94612 United States
Main Library Oakland History Room

San Francisco Public Library San Francisco, CA 94103 United States

San Francisco State University Library San Francisco, CA 94132 United States

University of California Berkeley Berkeley, CA 94720 United States

I imagine these libraries will also have some more anarchist materials.


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QUESTION: want to locate documents / rare books relating to anarchism in bay area

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im looking for documents relating to anarchism in san francisco.

who might have original editions of The Blast, for example?

This is for a video project relating to the forms and aesthetics of radical politics.

many thanks
Beatriz Santiago Muñoz

i added some resources to the reference shelf page history/resistance

yo: i added some resources to the History, Resistance section of the Reference Shelf (look towards the top right of the website).

Anarchism in the Balkans


Here are a few starting points:

Nestor Makhno--anarchy's cossack: the struggle for free Soviets in the Ukraine 1917-1921
Russia's lost reformation: peasants, millennialism, and radical sects in Southern Russia and Ukraine, 1830-1917
Radical socialism in Czechoslovakia: Bohumír Šmeral, the Czech road to socialism and the origins of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, 1917-1921

NATION VS HUMANKIND: THE PROBLEM OF NATIONAL IDENTITY IN GEORGIAN THOUGHT. Tevzadze, David.; History of European Ideas 1994 19(1-3): 431-436
THE EVOLUTION OF AN ANARCHIST: AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL STATEMENT BY VARLAAM TCHERKESOFF, 1846-1925. Startt, James D.; Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly 1987 10(2): 142-150
MARXISM, NATIONALISM AND THE ARMENIAN LABOR MOVEMENT IN TRANSCAUCASIA, 1890-1908. Suny, Ronald Grigor.; Armenian Review 1980 33(1): 30-47

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The Importance of Community Needs Assessment in Activist Work

Will be presented at the NYC Anarchist Book Fair
Saturday, April 12th 11:30 - 12:15 pm
Tamiment Library at NYU, 70 Washington Square South, 10th Floor

NYC Anarchist Book Fair 2008 Table Schedule

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