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NYC Local Collective Meeting Notes, May/June 2010

Met at ABC No Rio

John, Jenna, Melissa, Alycia and Natalie were present.

QUESTION: what software to use to create catalog of zines for our infoshop?

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This is more of a library logistics type question, but I figured I'd try here because it seems some of yall would have experience with this sort of thing. We are looking to catalog our zine archive at our infoshop, which is quite large (25 years worth of zines). We'd like a program that: can be used on both macs and pcs, imported and exported between computers, can be eventually put online and linked from our website, and has fields that are flexible to accommodate the fact that these are zines and not books (slightly different information will be cataloged). Can you recommend a program that we use, given that we don't host our site and we don't have linux on our computers? We looked at Librarything but are wary about having it hosted by something big and unknown given the content of our zines (paranoid?). I've also looked at MS access but don't know too much about it (esp. about putting it online...?)

QUESTION: Average American meal question

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"It is estimated that the average American meal travels about 1500 miles to get from farm to plate." With the recent spate of books, films, web sites related to food activism, this phrase seems like it's commonly repeated, but where does it come from? I found it on the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture web site (, was mentioned in the film "Food, Inc." and Barbara Kingsolver's book "Animal Vegetable Miracle" but none of these sources provide further information. I'm presently taking a year away from graduate school to start a farm project with a few friends of mine, and i am writing a formal journal about the experience. A few of these entries will be specifically related to energy consumption, so it's important to me that i understand how the aforementioned statistics are figured...

Thanks so much...

QUESTION: where did the police term "no human involved" first originate?

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Where did the police term "no human involved" first originate? And where would I find documentation of the history behind this term?

QUESTION: Contacting Artists / Festival Models

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I am working with a group of students to plan a "Green Arts Festival" we have received funding from our college to plan a free, day long event open to students, faculty and staff. Currently we have been talking to some musicians about preforming preform and we are hoping to get artists to teach crafts that use recycled materials.

1.I would like to learn about some examples of successful past "Recycled Art" or "Environmentally Friendly" Art Festivals/Events. It would be particularly helpful if I could find examples of recycled art events that have happened in collaboration with colleges or universities.

2. It would be very helpful if I could get recommendations for how to find Philadelphia area teaching artists who specialize in working with recycled or "green" materials.


QUESTION: Zine Festivals in Philadelphia

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Does anyone know of any zine festivals/events in Philadelphia from late January through mid May of 2010? I live in a housing cooperative in the Philly area that is looking for opportunities to expand our zine library. Any advice about purchasing zines in Philly would be helpful.

QUESTION: southern US traditional artisan crafts

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i would like to find out about historically regional crafts, specifically southern US, that have been lost post industrailization.

QUESTION: Service to Books to Prisoners Group

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I'm a member of a prisoner solidarity group here in Montreal called Open Door Books. We send books to prison libraries and we also get requests for information from individuals in prison (ex. questions about specific legislation in certain states, etc). We try to find the requested information to the best of our ability, but i was just wondering if this is the type of thing that we could send to you guys for help with.
Thanks, andrea

QUESTION: Preserving cultural & community heritage by supporting libraries & museums in low income communities & poor countries

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Is there a progressive national or international organization that focuses on providing support and advocacy for libraries, museums and the preservation of community/cultural heritage in low income communities in the U.S. and poor countries in the world. Thanks!

QUESTION: child abusers

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I was wondering what one can do to get the laws to toughen on children sexual predators and abusers, like how can I help?

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