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QUESTION: Barriers Experienced by African Americans

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What institutional barriers do African-American youths have to face since the presidential victory of Obama?

QUESTION: Cambodia / American relations

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What are the feelings of Cambodians today (young and old) toward American tourist and Americans in general? And are Cambodians today (young and old) open and willing to talk about the atrocities that took place in Cambodia the 70's?

QUESTION: the history of alternative libraries

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I am trying to find information on the history of alternative libraries and am looking for a good source on the internet or in print that will give me a background into the topic. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

QUESTION: E-Diplomacy / State Department

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I am working on a project on access to to State Department Documents. I know the compulsion, on the behalf of congress, of the government to print tier documents. I know that there has been a large shift to e-diplomacy, or digital documentation. I am trying to find the accessibility of that information. Do you have any suggestions on what direction I should move in?

QUESTION: Floating Collections

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Any info on success or failure of Floating Collection. Are there librarians or library staff willing to share info and experiences with Floating Collections--where books just stay forever at whatever branch they are returned to. I found 4 published articles in LL. have talked with Vancouver PL staff, but I am looking for "How We Did It Bad" which never gets published.

QUESTION: Balloon protests in Rotterdam?

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a comrade just brought your awesome resource to my attention, and I'm hoping you might be able to help me find out about a political action I heard about, but haven't been able to find any documentation of.

I heard that some time ago there was a plan to spray pesticides from planes over Rotterdam in the Netherlands, but people protested against it by putting up so many balloons that the planes could not fly. I understand that aerial spraying has since been banned in Rotterdam. I learned about this from an online comment here, but have found no other reference to this event:

Could you tell me if this action really did occur, and where I might find newspaper articles, pictures, or any other documentation about it?

I'm a disabled, anti-toxics activist in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm largely housebound due to pesticide poisoning, and am working to inform the community about the dangers of pesticides, and actions that have been taken to prevent their application.

Thanx so much for any help you might send my way.

QUESTION: discrimination in european countries

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what are the countries in europe with the least discrimination against arabs and muslims ?
how do german people react to muslims and arabs ?
in which is better, for a female "arabic" undergraduate to study abroad, germany or italy ?please put in mind that (medicine) is the major ..
what is the list of universities in italy or germany that teach medicine in english ?
"please answer any of these questions"

QUESTION: Federal Anti-rioting cases since 1968

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How many Federal Anti-rioting (USC Title 18, Chapter 102 18USC102) cases have been prosecuted since it was used against the Chicago 8 in 1968?

QUESTION: privacy rfid

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What organized progressive or radical opposition is there to injected rfid chips (verichip, etc). I'm looking for secular opposition that does not invoke 666, the illuminati, etc. My question on behalf of a friend now in Canada, but would apply to US too.

QUESTION: US Tort filings

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Looking for tort information regarding negligent infliction of emotional stress torts, vs hate speech.

Specifically cases that have been heard in Illinois, but anywhere in the US.

The idea is to go after war criminals, with their victims as the plaintiffs, that now are lying about their acts. This would be used for a particular international criminal in the US that is on tour. His crimes were not occurring in the US, and the plaintiffs will not be able to seek justice in the country of occurrence, but many are here in the US.

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