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QUESTION: Radical History Graduate Programs

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This was a question brought up about two and a half years ago and I wish there had been more answers.

I am looking for radical history programs (particularly southern studies) and while of course I've done research and have some leads, it would be nice to have some tips from other people. Making the decision to go back to school is huge and looking at programs can feel overwhelming!

QUESTION: NYC Open Record law

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I am trying to find out if New York City has a specific law or guidelines for open records requests. So far, I have only been able to find a state law regarding FOIL. If so, can you please tell me where to find it? Thanks!

QUESTION: field trip resources

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I am an elementary school educator in Portland Or and I am looking for unique field trips for my students. I am looking specifically for opportunities to experience grassroots organizations, ideas and movements. I found a small zine publisher (IPRC) that has a wonderful field trip program and am looking to expand on that experience. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

QUESTION: where/how would I find statistics on how many women enter u.s. prison already with a h.s. diploma or GED in the 1970s?

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How or where would I find statistics on how many women incarcerated in the U.S. in the 1970s obtained their GEDs or high school diplomas BEFORE incarceration?

QUESTION: copyright

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I am working on reproducing some literature I am pretty sure only had one printing run in 1925. It is an epic poem by an anarchist author, and I am not selling any of the reproductions, just distributing them for a wider readership. How can I find out if it is under any copyright restrictions right now, and does the fact that I am an art student doing this for a school project help at all?

QUESTION: where would I find articles/essays describing exactly what blogs are (for a person in prison)?

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I'm looking for some articles and essays that talk about what blogs ARE (for a woman who has been in prison long enough to have missed the advent of blogs, myspace, facebook, etc, etc). I'm sending her Jenna's excellent "Zines are not Blogs," but I think the piece is geared more towards those who don't know what zines are, not for those who are totally clueless as to what a blog is.

The woman is reviewing a book on zines that sometimes compares them to blogs and it would be damn good if she knew what the hell a blog was. And, since there is no internet access in prison, I thought I would try to be helpful and send her some information to help her along.


QUESTION: Ma Cori check

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I sent in my information today (09/14/09)to get my records sealed in Ma. How long does it take before they are sealed?

QUESTION: Census-type info fo the South Bronx

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Hey Rad Ref folks,

I'm looking for class composition information for the South Bronx--specifically, stuff like:

-What kinds of jobs do people work in the South Bronx, by population? Average income? Average declared assets?
-How many people are uninsured in the South Bronx?
-How many undocumented folks are living in the South Bronx, roughly, and where are they from originally? What nationality are the people living in the South Bronx, by population?
-What proportion of people in the South Bronx have access to Food Stamps, section 8 housing, social security, and other public benefits?
-At what rate are people in the South Bronx arrested, incarcerated, or paroled?
-What is the current poverty and unemployment rate in the South Bronx?

Is there an easily-navigable database out there somewhere with county, state or federal data of this kind?

QUESTON: Is the Kangaroo Brand gas sold at Kangaroo Outlets really made by CitGo?

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The Gas Stations known as The Pantry have changed their name in some cases to Kangaroo. I understand their Gas supply is from Citgo. Citgo is solely owned by Hugo Chavez. Is this correct?

QUESTION: Obama discours to the USA nation

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I need the text and the audio of the integral and official Obama discours to the USA nation for his settlement.

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