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QUESTION: where would I find more information about Pearl Johnson (best known as anarchist Benjamin Tucker's lover)?

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Where would I find information* about the life and beliefs of Pearl Johnson, who is probably best-known as the lover of anarchist Benjamin Tucker?

**By information, I mean anything other than the fact that she was 25 years his junior and was pregnant with their daughter, Oriole Tucker when a fire destroyed his printing equipment.

QUESTION: Technology

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Does anyone know of any popular writing that explains the concept of information poverty?

It seems like a powerful idea and way of speaking, but insofar as I can tell, doesn't seem to really escaped academia. Hooray for library scientists! I am mainly looking for a concise definition...thanks for all your help!

Hannah Miller

QUESTION: Racism and Discrimination in the Workplace

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Doing research project on Racism and discrimination in the Work Place. I'm in need of help locating biblography citations on this topic. 10 books 15 periodicals 5 web-sites. Any and all asstiance you are able to provide would be greatly appreciated.


QuasiQuestion: Photography Contest

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Who wants to participate in a NYC photography contest?? E-mail me for information (XXXXXXXX) [email address removed by site administrator, because we don't want to encourage abuse of our fine service]

QUESTION: Federal government on casinos

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Since Obama has taken office as president, how has the federal government expressed its position on the validity of using casinos development as a strategy to increase state tax revenue?

QUESTION: Recent cuts to NYC child care centers that provide kindergarten for the DOE

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(Background to the question:) NYC has recently eliminated kindergarten by 125 NYC child care centers without increasing the number of kindergarten slots elsewhere. Originally the plan was to eliminate those slots entirely, but I have just learned that 93 of the 125 child care centers have had those slots reinstated, i.e. available to use for 3-4 year olds. Now my question: Do you know the names of the child care centers involved, specifically, which have not had their kindergarten slots reinstated? Also, how many kindergarten slots are available in NYC? How many are available through public school? How many through charter schools? I haven't been able to find this information. Even the child care centers don't have the info.

QUESTION: Co-operative organization and not becoming the go-to-person

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My name is Adam and I have been working with an organization dedicated to developing and educating about worker co-operatives, the Valley Alliance of Worker Co-operatives ( I represent my collective, Collective Copies, and I've been active in this group from its beginning about 4 years ago, have a strong passion for it and love the work; and even some 'mundane' tasks like accounting and press releases offer me excitement watching this organization grow.
Many other representatives from other co-ops can only find time to attend monthly meetings and can contribute little outside of this. This is okay by me. What I feel happening sometimes is deference to or preference of following the core group of people who show up pretty much every month. I see this doesn't light everyone's fire like it does mine and a couple others in the group. I also see that I am excitable in meetings and have some strong beliefs but I sincerely do not want people to take my word for it and go along with me or be seen as a central figure. I am usually very clear about wanting someone else to speak at an event or represent us at a conference or workshop instead of me and support those who do, but I'm wary that there is more I can do. In fact I view much of our work developing inside everybody the expectation of valuing their own opinion and understanding those of others, even and especially if it's less experienced.
My question concerns resources on being a part of a not-for-profit membership organization that doesn't operate on formal or informal hierarchies. I am aware of many in the for profit realm, but many of these of course assume the shared interest of the business. What have others done to integrate the opinions and encourage activity of others aside from asking for it? Are there books or journals about tools and awarenesses for an individual to know when organizing?
Many thanks in advance,
Adam Trott

QUESTION: how would I find out the female prison population in Massachusetts in 1971, 1972, and 1973?

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How and where would I find the number of women imprisoned in Massachusetts in 1971, 1972, and 1973? (I understand that the Massachusetts Department of Corrections had planned to phase out its female prisons by April 1973. If this did indeed happen, how would I find out the number of women sentenced to prison alternatives that year?)

QUESTION: 911 health issues

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What are the best sources to find help for persons who have suffered health affects from 9/11

QUESTION: # and race of police killed by police

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I'm trying to find out the number of black police killed by white police in NYC, as well as the number of white police killed by black police (if any.) If possible, also the number where the officer was considered a suspect vs caught in crossfire.

There's a comment here that provides some clues:

But I want to find an authoritative source I can cite.


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