QUESTION: Recent cuts to NYC child care centers that provide kindergarten for the DOE

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(Background to the question:) NYC has recently eliminated kindergarten by 125 NYC child care centers without increasing the number of kindergarten slots elsewhere. Originally the plan was to eliminate those slots entirely, but I have just learned that 93 of the 125 child care centers have had those slots reinstated, i.e. available to use for 3-4 year olds. Now my question: Do you know the names of the child care centers involved, specifically, which have not had their kindergarten slots reinstated? Also, how many kindergarten slots are available in NYC? How many are available through public school? How many through charter schools? I haven't been able to find this information. Even the child care centers don't have the info.


It looks like the ACS is proposing to remove about 3,200 kindergarten slots from child care centers. I found this information on this public hearing notification from the New York State Assembly:

The approximate number of Kindergartners in New York City is 104,000. 75% in public school and 25% in private school. This if from 2007, the most recent data they have available. I found this using the American Community Survey Statistics:
(I’m not sure if that link will work)
But you can recreate my search using the American Factfinder survey S1401

When you are searching, New York City is considered a “place” as opposed to “urban area” or “Metropolitan area”.
I don’t think there are really “slots” per say, because they will just keep cramming the kids into classrooms.

I’m still looking for names of the child care centers getting cut, but I’m not having much luck.