QUESTION: legal rights for media

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Dear Radical Reference,

I'm trying to figure out what the Legal Rights are of a media person when documenting activism, protest and direct actions. Can the police arrest/detain you for trying to record? What legal defense can be used in the field when engaged in this activity if someone tries to prevent it or threaten someone recording? What are the legal dangers of recording violence against citizens and/or police brutality? Is it illegal to record faces in the crowd, etc?

Particularly in the following cities/states/reservations:
Chicago, IL
Phoenix, Arizona
South Dakota (Pine Ridge and other Reservations)
Washington, DC


QUESTION: Journalist's Reference

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Hi Radical Reference,

We put out a newspaper for kids called, Indykids. And we wanted to provide a spanish translation of our paper.

Is there such a thing as a Style Book in spanish that we can use?


QUESTION: Media Email List

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!@! Possible Radical Reference Query

I've looked at bit at the site, but I'm not sure if this counts
as a "radical reference" question, nor am I sure how much it is
expected of me to include the reasons why it might be.


I am looking for an email list for the general media.

I have, of course, been able to create my own list of
the major television, radio and print media, and many
of the Internet media, as well, but I am looking from
the perspective of creating a much more complete list
to use when announcing free eBooks.

Here's the rub.

Every time Google announces a new consortium member--
the media is all over it--even if the added libraries
don't add up to that many possible new eBooks for the
average person to download.

Shortly, I am going to be sending out press releases,
this time for The Fifth Annual World eBook Fair which
promises to have about 3 1/8 million eBooks, free for
the downloading between July 4 and August 4. July 4,
1971 was the date of the first eBook, so this date is
going to mark the start of the 40th year of eBooks.

The First World eBook Fair ended up on the front page
of The Boston Globe, then The New York Times who owns
The Boston Globe, and thence to the AP, etc., and the
total sppears to have been about 1500 newspapers plus
other media outlets worldwide, around four years ago.

However, since that time we have not managed to get a
story about the doubline in size of the books' number
each year since then.

The excuse, when I get them on the phone or email, is
that this is "old news," it has been done before.

Well, it's never been done to the tune of 3+ million!

Heck, you would have a VERY hard time getting just an
eBook download of 1 million eBooks from Google!!!

OK, I've probably said more than enough for now.

Any suggestions on how I can create big media lists?

Ones that don't only include the major media?

Many thanks!!!

Michael S. Hart
Project Gutenberg,
Inventor of eBooks

6th Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference

SAVE THE DATE! 6th Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference
Saturday, May 30, 2009

9am-6pm: Hunter College, 68th St & Lexington Ave, 5th Floor

QUESTION: bigotry

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what are the best places to report bigotry in newspapers to? The specific I have in mind is bigotry against gays in an editorial from a newspaper editor who works for a large private group holding company that takes Right positions in all its editorials and coverage.

I have looked at ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center. Anti-Defamation doesn't seem to interested unless Anti-semitism. I would like to find many more outlets to send this stuff to.

the question of NET NEUTRALITY is alive and well

I have to admit that i've been lax in paying attention to the issue of Net Neutrality. Listening to Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!

Thousand Kites

A community radio/arts project raising awareness and providing service to prisoners.

radio station ownership


The Columbia Journalism Review's Who Owns What? database is invaluable for this sort of question. Although I can't get it to spit out a list, you can go through and check manually on each company's ownership of different types of media.

I checked through the Cs and so far came up with CBS, Citadel Broadcasting, Clear Channel, Corus, Cox, and Cumulus as outfits that own more than 25 radio stations.

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QUESTION: Radio Station ownership (multiple stations)

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I would like to have a list of the corporations that own more than 25 radio stations each in the United States.

New Left and New New Left (?) Media Resources

I've recently been reading a number of articles from the publication Radical America, which lasted from the late 1960s in

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