the question of NET NEUTRALITY is alive and well

I have to admit that i've been lax in paying attention to the issue of Net Neutrality. Listening to Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! this morning reminded me of this important issue- especially for a website such as this which is run with LIMITED funds and volunteer work!

PBS has a number of resources to look at the issue on their Mediashift site. Nice to see that they're actually looking at the issue. The page you're looking for is dated 4/16/08

Today's Democracy Now! show (4/17/08) looks at the FCC hearings at the Stanford campus (Stanford Radreffers? Commentary?). Doing a search for "net neutrality" on their website yields another 10 articles on the subject.

Man, that Amy Goodman is hardcore! She was so obviously sick on the air today... send her nice healthy feelings.

Meanwhile, my back hurts. I thought i was going to need hospitalization, but my nurse friends told me to just do some Yoga.