New Left and New New Left (?) Media Resources

I've recently been reading a number of articles from the publication Radical America, which lasted from the late 1960s into the 1990s. The magazine was a product of New Left SDS members and ended up publishing some exciting and insightful articles on sexism, capitalism, racism, and culture (among other things). Thankfully, a number of these issues are now available online to read for free! I recommend getting your browse on!

Personally,i've been interested in the ideas of Barbara Ehrenreich and her analysis of the "Professional-Managerial Class", ever since i read about them in Michael Albert's memoir; Radical America published some of her essays on the topic (like volume 11 number 3 with the article "The New Left: A Case Study in Professional-Managerial Class Radicalism).

Now then, if you're interested in supporting the Left media of today, I work with a publication called Left Turn, which is making an appeal for funding. Left Turn supporters consider ourselves a network, attempting to highlight the activism of a variety of non-sectarian Left groups, in a vein which i recognize to be similar to that of Radical America (though RA was certainly more theoretical-not a bad thing!- in nature). Proudly, the magazine has won a number of Project Censored awards, showing that our writers are going places where the mainstream media will not- and Radical Reference participants have written book reviews for literature which receives less attention in mainstream publications , as well. With the disappearance of Clamor and Punk Planet (and other independent publication), please think of supporting Left Turn to make sure that various organizing projects across the country can be discovered, celebrated, and defended.