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QUESTION: redlining harlem/east harlem

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i'm looking for a physical or descriptive map of where redlining practices were most common in manhattan. i'm especially interested in looking at harlem and east harlem.

QUESTION: Defining "clean" and "green" occupations and industries

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I am beginning research to create a white paper on the emerging "clean tech economy." I will need to define what are "clean occupations" and "clean industries." There does not seem to be a lot of official consensus out there on the topic on definitions.

The Pew Trust has released a report with their own definitions, as other agencies have done the same. State labor departments have released their own reports also, attempting to define these industries and occupations. The Bureau of Labor has mentioned "green jobs" occassionally, but has not created an official definition.

There is low inter-consistency between these reports on "clean" occupations and industry definitions. I am missing any source or leading report on the topic?

QUESTION: where would I find more information about Mary Isaak (wife of Abe Isaak, publisher of Free Society)?

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Where would I find information about the life and beliefs of Mary Isaak, the wife of Abe Isaak (the publisher of the anarchist Firebrand and Free Society and founder of the Aurora Colony in California)? Is there any information about *her* beliefs and roles in her husband's anarchist endeavors (aside from the fact that she took in washing to financially support the publications)?

QUESTION: sexism in reality television statistics

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Does anyone have any statistics about the destructive, sexist stereotypes projected by reality television? Or any idea of how much profit media conglomerates make off of reality television (through ads, ratings, etc)?
Thanks and peace!

QUESTION: Library projects needing donated material

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Does anybody know if any US, international or prison library projects that would be able to facilitate (i.e. pay for shipment) the donation of duplicate periodicals from the Alternative Press Center library and/or back issues of the progressive news monthly In These Times?

QUESTION: facilitating meetings

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I am planning a workshop on how to facilitate a meeting. any help with ideas or resources would be much appreciated. thanks.

QUESTION: public policy Obama Administration

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Which public policies(personal liberties) of the Obama administration are simular to the Bush administration? Such as wire taps, patriot act etc.

QUESTION: Architectural Practice

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what are the major trends in today's architectural practice?

QUESTION: job market

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Where would I find detailed information about trends in the aero space industry in the southbay. specifically Jane Harman's current congressional district. Such as how many jobs are there now? Is the number declining or rising? What Green jobs are available in the area specifically, and also in the broader los angeles area? Also about Van Jones, and his efforts to get momentum to create green jobs through the Obama administration.

QUESTION: Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange

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I work for American Friends Service Committee in Atlanta. We have recently become aware of a program called "Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange(GILEE
0". We know that they send Atlanta Police cadets to Israel for training. We know that Atlanta police spend some time on illigal settlements to learn crowd control techniques.
We are trying to find out how GILEE gets it's funding.
We know that some of the money comes from the "Marcus Foundation" and we think some may come from, "Georgia State Unniversity" or at least the program gets free space for GSU.
We are also wondering who pays "Robert Friedmann" who is the director and founder of the program. We know he get's some money from GSU but we are not sure of the extent of the GUS/GILEE connection.

Any infromation about GILEE of Mr. Friedmann would be greatly appreciated.

Tim Franzen
Peace Building Program Director
American Friends Service Committee

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