Answer: QUESTION: Jobs

answer: is a good resource for jobs with non-profit organizations. You may want to start there first.

Another strategy is to identify organizations whose mission you support, and check their websites regularly for job postings.

Many jobs (in all fields) are never advertised. Getting to know people who are already involved can lead to opportunities.

Best of luck with getting involved!

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question: QUESTION: Jobs

QUESTION: Defining "clean" and "green" occupations and industries

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I am beginning research to create a white paper on the emerging "clean tech economy." I will need to define what are "clean occupations" and "clean industries." There does not seem to be a lot of official consensus out there on the topic on definitions.

The Pew Trust has released a report with their own definitions, as other agencies have done the same. State labor departments have released their own reports also, attempting to define these industries and occupations. The Bureau of Labor has mentioned "green jobs" occassionally, but has not created an official definition.

There is low inter-consistency between these reports on "clean" occupations and industry definitions. I am missing any source or leading report on the topic?

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