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Question: Who's More Partisan

Prior to almost every election mainstream citizens start complaining about how partisan most politicians are and if they'd only be able to look out for the common good, society and government would operate so much better. So here's my question:

QUESTION: Arab labor history

Question : What are some good titles on Arab labor history and leftist movements? Most of the labor history tends to be so Ameri/Eurocentric that I can't find very many titles.

Question: Ray Kelly's son

Question: We have it from a trusted though ultimately unconfirmed source that Ray Kelly's 20-year old son is himself planning on protesting the RNC. Is it possible to find out somehow if, indeed, Ray Kelly DOES have a 20 year old son? NOTE: this is an unsubstantiated rumor.

Question: draft legislation

Question: my video collective is making a documentary on military recruitment and possibly on the draft but we aren't sure what legislation has already gone through or even has been proposed. i've heard mixed things about this but have heard that something was passed in terms of setting up the structure for the draft to be implemented. can you send me any info you can find about this? specifically, the exact language of the legislation and the dates for when it was proposed/passed and who proposed it.

Question: Age Relate Legal Issues

i had a legal question and thought of yall. can you clarify some age-related legal stuff for me? here are my questions.

1. i know that up until a certain age (16), arrests do not go onto your record. is that age 16 as in, if you're 16 or older, it goes on your record, or if you're 16 and under, it does not go on your record?

Question: Book Sales and Best Seller lists

How does one determine the breakdown of booksales? The new Michael Moore bashing book has opened at number 9 on the Times bestseller list. I had never even hear of it and I read voraciously. There are already more than 300 reviews on Amazon, all accumulated within the last 10 days.

QUESTION: Theory of Anarchy

What in your opinion is the definitve books on the theory (not just history)of anarchist federations in terms of structures, contoversy, and the like?

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