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Question: clips of officials talking about the USAPATRIOT Act

Was just wondering if you might know where to find video clips of Bush or Cheney or Ashcroft speaking about the patriot act and civil liberties. Thanks for your work.

Question: feature films on democracy

I am trying to find feature films that directly touch on issues of democracy. I would prefer something contemporary, but am having a hard time coming up with anything that directly addresses democracy at all.

Question: What's the NAB and why should I worry?

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is holding their annual conference in San Diego this week. Can you tell me some background of the NAB and their issues of interest?

Question: Massachusetts gay marriage characterization by Cheney

In the VP debate, Cheney said that "in Massachusetts we had the
Massachusetts Supreme Court direct the state of -- the legislature of Massachusetts to modify their constitution to allow gay marriage." Didn't the MA Supreme Court say that the state constitution already allowed gay marriage? Can you point to an authoritative opinion suitable

Question: cost of living index

Where can I find a comprehensive index on cost of living in cities in the US?

Question: Campaign expenditures for the AFL-CIO

I am wondering if you could tell me how much is the AFL-CIO spending on the presidential election this year. I think its the most in the
history of the federation. Also, if you can find how much AFL-CIO unions (or the SEIU) spent on organizing new workers in the past couple years and how many workers were organized in 2003.

Question: political orientation of think tanks and policy orgs

Hi, yep I'm a student -- library and info studies no less -- but am stumped on this one and figure you can help. Is there a site where one can get reliable information about the political orientation of various think tanks and generically-names groups and organizations? Right now I'm particularly interested in the National Bureau of Economic
. I've been to their "About" page and know I can do indiv. research on some of the Board members and so on, but I'm looking for a shortcut ... a more comprehensive list of orgs that can be searched on...

Question: Coincidence of place names

I was recently looking at a county map of Florida and noticed several place names that are identical to place names in Washington State, where I live. Some of them are easily explainable (both states have a Franklin County, for example, which makes sense) but
other's aren't so. Pasco, Washington, for example, and Pasco County, Florida. Another is Columbia County, Florida, and the Columbia River (and corresponding Gorge) here in Eastern Washington. The common place names I've found between the two states are Columbia, Baker, Franklin, Washington, and Pasco. Now that I look at it, only three of the names really puzzle me, and those are Baker, Columbia, and Pasco. Is it just coincidence that Washington and Florida wound up with identically named places?

Question: Cost of non-commercial TV and radio

there are three figures that i am accustomed to quoting to press and when
speaking to people about media issues, but i do not know where i got these
figures, and whether they are still accurate. Help!

Question: RSS feeds for progressive/radical orgs?

Does anybody know of websites or web pages that list mostly progressive and radical RSS newsfeeds? Sites like Democracy Now have an RSS feed, but they don't feature the URL in an obvious place.

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