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Follow-up Question: Laws governing domestic propaganda and foreign intellegence

I mean: Which laws govern US agencies' domestic propaganda activities?

By now I've read about the Foreign Agents Registration Act (1938) that insures that the American public and its law makers know the source of information (propaganda) intended to sway public opinion. I've also read about the Smith-Mundt Act (1948) and its 1972 amendment, which places certain restrictions on only the USIA from engaging in domestic propaganda. So far I've not been able to find any law that prohibits for example the CIA to engage in domestic propaganda activities. (The National Security Act of 1947 simply bans the CIA from operating within the US, so that would include spreading propaganda.)

Question: People's Guide to the RNC in Libraries

Why hasn't any library in the NYC metro area acquired and catalogued (on OCLC) the People's Guide to the RNC? The guide has apparently gone o.p., which is regrettable but understandable. But some li

Question: War Profiteers

We never pulled together accurate, concise, damning descriptions of the War Profiteers, Corporate Media, and RNC Corporate Sponsor (in that order).

Question: War Profiteers in Congress

Regarding War Profiteers, is there a resource that lists the stocks and mututal funds held by members of Congress?

Question: UN Worker Casualties

I am looking for the list of the 22 UN workers who died a year ago in the bombing of UN HQ in Iraq.

Question: Differences between Bush and Kerry

I am seeking a simple clear factual list of differences between Kerry and Bush. I'd also appreciate the same information in Spanish.

I'd like something for low literacy, low income families I work with - that isn't biased yet shows how much better Kerry/Democrats are in helping people than Bush/Republicans....alas some seem to want to vote with the rich conservatives, as if that would help them too??!! Compare and contrast voting records on job

Question: Non-Violence and Peace Organizations

Please inform me of any reference to Non-Violence that any of the peace organizations are using or have used. I have written ANSWER, UFPJ, and MOVE-ON, asking them to include statements of the need for non-violence and I never receive a reply.

QUESTION: 1968 Convention Unrest

The liberals are making noises about blaming anarchists and radicals for any rowdiness that may happen at the RNC protests. Several liberal writers have argued that the riots at the 1968 DNC convention (initiated by the police of course) created a spectacle that caused Americans to support Nixon more.

Question: Abu Graib prisoner casualties

I am looking for the list of Abu Graib prisoners who died.

Question: Iraq-Naming the Dead

We have begun the task of compiling as many of the names of those who have died in Iraq as possible. We began with IraqBodyCount, and seem to have a handle on the coalition soldiers who have died. We

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