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Question: Shortwave Radio

In the united states, shortwave listening is an obscure hobby, and listening for pirates is even more obscure. I have heard a rumor that in the late 1940s, some congressmen pressured radio receiver manufacturers to stop including shortwave in their consumer receivers, and to include instead FM. FM, of course, is higher quality, but can only be received within 50 or 60 miles at most, whereas shortwave can be heard around the world. I have heard that the congressmen stepped in because they did not want americans listening to radio moscow, or news from any source outside the US for that matter.

Question: Longshoreman Pension Calculation

How do the longshoremen calculate employer contributions to the pension fund in new york and in charleston, South Carolina (local

Question: Food Not Bombs

I'm a student doing a research paper about homeless people. I have some questions for Food Not Bombs, but could not find a contact person. These are my questions about food not bombs:
1: Who is your organization?

Question: NYC School Counselors

Can you check into how many school counselors there are in the NYC public school system? I'm editing an article which says there are only 300, which is much fewer than I would expect.

Question: radio station ownership

I am looking high & low for a list of the owners, corporate & individual, of the radio stations in my area which is eastern Washington state. HELP!!!

Question: Deaths From Fighting in Najaf

How many deaths, particularly civilian, have there been total in the fighting in Najaf?

Question: Parading Without a Permit Law

Can you please provide me with the text, or a link to the text, for the "Parading without a Permit" law? I believe it's AC110.something - the AC, I believe, refers to "Administrative Code". I could be wrong about the 110 part.

Question: Pier 57 and RNC

I was wondering if you could confirm or refute some posts we've been getting saying that the RNC was leasing pier 57? I'd like to either promote it to a center-column feature or hide it as disinfo.

Question: Law Suits Filed Against City of Seattle

I am looking for a comprehensive list of law suits filed against the city of Seattle and the Police Department pertaining to the WTO protests and police repression.

Does a comprehensive listing exist?

Question: Personal belongings held as evidence

What does it mean when someone working in jail confiscates
thesis notes about the construction of gender in pre-revolutionary
Cuba as "subversive material."? My friend had a notebook like this
confiscated and then he was processed as an ACD for two counts of

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