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Question: From what budget does NYPD pay its fines?

When the NYPD is ordered by the courts to pay a fine, where does the money come from? I mean, where in the Dept. does it come from? From whose budget?

Question: Contingency plans for election fraud

Question: Are there any contingency plans in case of elections fraud in the 2004 presidential election?

Question: How does the electoral college work?

How does the Electoral College work? Is it winner-take-all in every state? How many electoral votes does Pennsylvania have?

Question: Bush Sr/Barrick Gold

Can you confirm that George Bush, Sr. is involved with Barrick Gold?

Question: Homosexuality and Anarchism

I am working on a zine and I need a little direction. I am having trouble finding information of homosexuality and anarchism--linking the two together. Can you help me on my socio-political endeavor?

Question: Palestinian hunger strike at Ashkalon Prison

Can you give me an update on the Palestinian hunger strike at Ashkalon Prison in Israel.

Question: Largest Protest at a Convention

What is the biggest protest (by number of people) ever at a convention? When, where, how many people, what was the outcome?

Question: NYC Protests

The 1984 (?) Anti-Nuclear protest in New York City brought over a million people into the streets and Central Park.

The 1982 (?) Simon and Garfunkel concert in Central Park brought over a million people also.

Question: Anarchist Theory

I've realized belatedly that I really don't understand what anarchy means in the current context. Can you point me to two or three pieces on the subject, written only in the last four years, that would be widely regarded as defining what people usually mean by the term these days?

Question: RNC Platform

Is a copy of the RNC platform posted anywhere? I can't seem to find a copy of it yet?

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