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Question: Official RNC Events in Park Slope/Prospect Heights

Obviously, there will be tons of RNC events, and anti-RNC events in Manhattan at the end of the month. Will there be any RNC events (diners, etc) in the Park Slope / Prospect Heights area that local liberals could protest? Theres a lot here: the museum, the library, the park.

Question: Number of US Detainees since 9/11

My very pro-Bush administration does not believe that the US DOJ, INS, and other groups have detained U.S. Citizens, green-card holders, and non-citizens alike since September 11th. Or, rather, if this has happened, it is in very select few instances.

Question: Public Transportation in NYC

Is there 1 map or web site that has the bus lines and accessible (to the disabled) subway stations for the Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queeens. "The map" put out by the transport Authority has accessible subway stations, but does not have bus lines.

Question: Giuliani and Pataki Campaign Contributions

I was hoping to find out how much money Rudy Giuliani and Gov. Pataki have raised for the Bush campaign at this point. Don't need much info. on other political work; just the hard $$ and cents.

QUESTION: Alternative Publication Print Runs

The Indypendent, the newspaper of the New York City IMC, is planning to print 200,000 copies of its next issue and over 400,000 copies total this month. When was the last time an alternative newspaper printed that many copies?

Some sources for statistics, and questions for the asker

I've received your radical reference question.

Question: Statistics on US killings

I would like to put together some up to date statistics for a poster on how many people (foreign and domestic) the u.s. government (specifically the armed forces and law enforcement) has killed. Perhaps with a source for the major statistics like genocide and bombings.

Question: RNC Protest Activity

There will be a major protest on August 29th, but what about the rest of the convention? Will everyone be on 8th Ave near 31st?

Question: Anarchist History

What is the name of the ice cream & sandwich shop that Emma Goldman & Alexander Berkman ran in Worcester, MA?

Question: Campaign Donations

Generally Republicans at all levels of government received more money in campaign contributions than do any other parties. If the Republicans are so "business-wise" in the eyes of mainstream voters why don't they have the economic savvy to be elected successfully with similar funding levels as the Democrats?

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