Question: Cost of non-commercial TV and radio

there are three figures that i am accustomed to quoting to press and when
speaking to people about media issues, but i do not know where i got these
figures, and whether they are still accurate. Help!

The average american home has 9 radios.

The average american pays $250 per year for commercial tv, but it is hidden in
the price of all the things we buy, like candy bars, sneakers and cars, which
are, in aggregate, $250 more expensive than if we did not have the commercial
television industry.

By the same token, americans pay $70 per year for commercial radio- whether
they listen to it or not. In fact, they may listen to a noncommercial
community station and never pledge money, but they are actually paying for the
commercial stations that they do not listen to.

How much do non-commercial TV and radio cost the average american?

And finally, how much does the average american pay for all forms of
advertising, through increased prices of products?