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QUESTION: Fuel questions, Brooklyn

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How many diesel passenger vehicles are registered in Brooklyn, NY?
How many gallons of diesel fuel purchased a year in Brooklyn?
How many flex fuel capable(e85) vehicles are registered in Brooklyn?


QUESTION: Progressive/Radical Listservs, Blogs, Facebook pages, etc

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I am researching progressive listservs, blogs, web-journals, and news sources for the International School for Bottom-Up Organizing. We want to be able both to learn what people are addressing, as well as send out information on what we are doing so that there can be cross-collaboration and movement-building.

We're especially looking for groups/orientations that address or are interested in the following: anti-oppression, women-led/feminist, people of color led/anti-racist, community organizing, anti-authoritarian and are not limited to the U.S. or to english. The point is to be able to connect people who are actually doing this work, or who want to.

I know that there are millions of such resources... but getting a start would be immensely helpful- I imagine that someone has already done a lot of this work! Thanks so much!

QUESTION: international law

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How many different nations in the world have a state immunity act, or something equivalent?

QUESTION: Jews of Alsace

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I am looking for books or information on the Jewish community and people of Alsace during the 19th century approximately.

QUESTION: reference for histories of music on the Lower East Side

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I'm researching the countercultural implications of the LES music scene between 1960-1990. Resources for the area's political and cultural history are fairly abundant, but I have not been able to find anything specifically about music... I have found a lot of useful information by sifting through the Village Voice and the East Village Eye archives, but I was wondering if there are any journals dedicated to music from this time period?

QUESTION: How do you research wealthy people's home address?

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I help learning how to do some research. How could I go about finding a CEO's home address? I've heard that you can find this information through their political contributions, but I am not sure how to do that.

QUESTION: names of associations

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What resources do I need to find out which associations are headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan? This is a library school assignment.

QUESTION: Gender Budget Analysis

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I'm trying to locate information on Gender Budget Analysis and if it has been used.

QUESTION: NYC Community Gardens

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Hi Radical Reference

I'm looking for info on community gardens in NYC.
How many community gardens there are in the five boroughs? Also, how many raise produce that can be eaten? And how many have poultry on premises?

Thank you!

QUESTION: Publisher's Weekly, and others' near-monopoly on library collections

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I'm having a hard time finding information on this issue. I am looking for some sources/information relating to publications like PW, Library Journal, and Booklist. It seems like the majority of libraries use these few publications to develop their collections and I would like to know the politics of what determines which titles get printed/reviewed in PW, LJ, etc. I'm looking for info on things like: are the review publications and titles that it reviews owned by the same company, do publishers pay to have titles favorably reviewed, are certain big sellers not allowed to be reviewed too poorly? Simply put, I'm looking for some dirt on these publications, so I can look at them more critically. Also, any recommendations of review materials that cover things more independently, or focus on marginalized publications like leftist politics, or small press fiction?

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