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I am an activist visiting NY in October. Have little time in NYC but would like to check out a (used) bookstore or two. Interested in philosophy, education, postcolonialism, Palestine and/or Edward Said, writers like Joseph Massad, Robert Jensen, Noam Chomsky, Sut Jhally, topics like (Jewish) anti-Zionism and generally speaking left wing, progressive ideas. Can you give me a name or two of (used) bookstores for someone with my interests?

Answer: QUESTION: Jobs


A couple other places to look are:

Vegan Jobs: "If you are a vegan looking for vegan work, or a vegan who owns a vegan company, you've come to the right place. We are currently listing vegan companies all over the world who are vegan owned and who provide vegan products." http://www.veganjobs.org/

Feminist jobs and internships: http://www.feminist.org/911/jobs/joblisting.asp

And, Amherst College has some info on finding activism-focused jobs with links to more job sites: https://www.amherst.edu/campuslife/careers/students/picareers/careers/social_activism

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question: QUESTION: Jobs


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How can I find work with radical organizations in Boston? Anything from anti-police violence, anti-racism, affordable housing, queer liberation.... anything radical! I want to be in the fight for liberation and also be able to eat. Help a friend out.

Radical Southern History Programs


With your focus on radical Southern history, I would recommend contacting Gregg Michel at UT-San Antonio: http://colfa.utsa.edu/HIST/Faculty/michel.html He published a book last year, Struggle for a Better South: The Southern Student Organizing Committee, 1964-1969, and he probably knows the radical Southern history scene.

I doubt there exists an entire program with a focus on radical history. More likely you'll find one or more radical historians in certain programs. I recommend following leads (books, articles in Radical History Review which is published by Duke University) around your topics of interest and finding out where these people teach. I also recommend joining discussion lists such as H-RADHIST and asking your question there.

Hope this helps!

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QUESTION: Progressive/Radical Listservs, Blogs, Facebook pages, etc

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I am researching progressive listservs, blogs, web-journals, and news sources for the International School for Bottom-Up Organizing. We want to be able both to learn what people are addressing, as well as send out information on what we are doing so that there can be cross-collaboration and movement-building.

We're especially looking for groups/orientations that address or are interested in the following: anti-oppression, women-led/feminist, people of color led/anti-racist, community organizing, anti-authoritarian and are not limited to the U.S. or to english. The point is to be able to connect people who are actually doing this work, or who want to.

I know that there are millions of such resources... but getting a start would be immensely helpful- I imagine that someone has already done a lot of this work! Thanks so much!

Radical Reference at the Mid-Atlantic Radical Bookfair

Radical Reference will be conducting two workshops on Saturday October 20th in lovely Baltimore. You can see a full schedule of speakers, tables and other workshops here.
Descriptions of the workshops we are conducting are here. We'll have a table with (hopefully) some exciting crafty stuff too, so come over, it should be pretty great.

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