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A couple other places to look are:

Vegan Jobs: "If you are a vegan looking for vegan work, or a vegan who owns a vegan company, you've come to the right place. We are currently listing vegan companies all over the world who are vegan owned and who provide vegan products." http://www.veganjobs.org/

Feminist jobs and internships: http://www.feminist.org/911/jobs/joblisting.asp

And, Amherst College has some info on finding activism-focused jobs with links to more job sites: https://www.amherst.edu/campuslife/careers/students/picareers/careers/social_activism

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question: QUESTION: Jobs


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How can I find work with radical organizations in Boston? Anything from anti-police violence, anti-racism, affordable housing, queer liberation.... anything radical! I want to be in the fight for liberation and also be able to eat. Help a friend out.

QUESTION: Right to work

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Only qualified finalist to be denied interview and upon filing EEO complaint was told it was discretionary and the Human Rights Commission did not have to have a reason.

Does the right to work status in San Francisco allow secret discrimination by discretion and is this protected vis a vis a private party not a union member?

Glad to help in return.

QUESTION: Census-type info fo the South Bronx

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Hey Rad Ref folks,

I'm looking for class composition information for the South Bronx--specifically, stuff like:

-What kinds of jobs do people work in the South Bronx, by population? Average income? Average declared assets?
-How many people are uninsured in the South Bronx?
-How many undocumented folks are living in the South Bronx, roughly, and where are they from originally? What nationality are the people living in the South Bronx, by population?
-What proportion of people in the South Bronx have access to Food Stamps, section 8 housing, social security, and other public benefits?
-At what rate are people in the South Bronx arrested, incarcerated, or paroled?
-What is the current poverty and unemployment rate in the South Bronx?

Is there an easily-navigable database out there somewhere with county, state or federal data of this kind?

QUESTION: Anarchist business models

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An anarchist friend of mine has started a business and could use some anarchist friendly business models to get things off the ground.

The type of model I'm thinking of would involve allowing employees to buy in, etc. Any other information or sources you could point me to would be much appreciated!


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