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QUESTION: Florida unemployment

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I went between full time and part time status and worked over 1,300 hours per annum. Would I be eligible for unemployment? Thank you.

QUESTION: History and info about skillshares

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I'm trying to get some skillshares started at my library school, and was hoping to do the first one about skillshares themselves to explain the idea to people, but I can't seem to find any information about them. I'm figuring I can just wing it, and get people to, you know, share their skills, as a way of introducing the idea, but it would be nice to have some background info as well.

Any resources you can recommend?

QUESTION:Informal leadership and movement building leadership models

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Hello! Looking for research on informal leadership and movement building leadership models. Informal leadership in this case being non-positional, non-titled leadership in the context of social change, movement and/or community building work. Most of the leadership research we have found relates to formal or positional leadership or informal leadership in business or institutional contexts. Referrals to international sources or models are welcome and invited. Thanks!

QUESTION: Leftist Zionist movements/alternatives to current Zionism in Israel

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I am interested in learning more about earlier forms of Zionism that were radical, leftist, and pursuing just solutions to the protection of the Jewish people that don't trample the rights of others, as is currently happening in Israel. What leftist/socialist/marxist Zionist groups used to be active in the US (or anywhere) that proposed something other than the state of Israel as a homeland for the Jews, and what happened to them? What is the history of alternative Zionist movements? Are there forms of Zionism that aren't inherently based on the displacement/discrimination against other groups, as is happening in Palestine now? Are there Zionist groups operating now that have rejected Israel's policies of human rights abuses? How have current alternative Zionist groups articulated solutions to the current crisis in Israel/Palestine?

QUESTION:Sustainable agriculture in Egypt/the Middle East

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I'm interested in researching whether sustainable agriculture/food sovereignty is a viable possibility in Egypt/ or other areas in the Middle East. It seems that many of the political conflicts there are based on resources/or lack thereof. Many MENA (Middle East + North Africa) economies have moved away from growing their own food in favor of industrialization/export economies/oil export and importing food. There is the major problem of water scarcity in MENA, and food sovereignty has been disparaged by many economies as futile and wasteful. However, MENA countries have been growing their own food for centuries, and food sovereignty would be a crucial step in decreasing many conflicts in the region.

QUESTION: Radical Resources on Economic Bailout/Financial Crisis

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Hey rad reffers
I am preparing a presentation on the global financial crisis for community organizations here in philadelphia. I am looking for help on finding other radical resources on the financial crisis in the hopes that I won't have to reinvent the wheel for all if this in terms of resources, visual aides, timelines etc. We are using this to develop local strategic responses to the global financial crisis and the resulting cutbacks and rising unemployment in philadelphia locally.
So to be more specific - looking for any curricula/lesson plans for similar workshops - video clips, visual aides (graphs etc), timelines of the crisis, simple definitions for neoliberalism, gentrification, structural adjustment and capitalism in general. Our 1st workshop is saturday night and we will be developing it further based on feedback. The focus is to make political economics accessible to local community organizers and activists who might not and probably do not have any background in academia or economics. Also any and all historical social movement resources on alternatives to capitalist development on a local level would be useful - e.g. malcom x's speech the ballot or the bullet speech outlines simple and accessible analysis of the economy and what alternatives might look like.

Any and all responses are welcome - thanks for your time and we will make whatever we put together available for use by other folks around the country
-wiley in philadelphia

QUESTION: Radical Library History

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I'm looking at writing a paper for my Library History class (I'm in my final semester of an MLIS degree) on radical libraries. I'd like to start with anarchist/socialist libraries in the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as libraries associated with unions, or even worker co-op libraries. Ideally, I'll bring it down to the present day - I've got personal experience with working at infoshops, but little info that could be cited in an academic paper. I've been doing some looking in library history journals, but there seems to be very little out there beyond some articles on mechanics' institutes and the like. Does anyone have any leads for me?

QUESTION: eligability

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My daughter's father is Iranian and I am american thus making her half and half is she eliagible for scholarship??

QUESTION: Crown Heights Riot

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Are there any radical texts about the Crown Heights Riot in 1991? I'm particularly interested in texts written in NYC around the time that they happened, but any radical text on the subject is welcome, particularly those dealing with anti-semitism and racism vis-a-vis the riot.

QUESTION: statistics for philadelphia

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We are working on a newsletter for and by Pennsylvania prisoners. One of the topics has to do with quality of life in Philadelphia.
We are looking for sources to find the following info:

Murder Rate (for the last few years, in comparison to other cities [per capita])
The lock up rate, per capita, compared to other cities
Chemicals in the water supply, in comparison
Median Income
Estimated homelessness population
Who owes the most taxes? How much is 'saved' due to tax abatement? Other tax info

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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