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Information Poverty


You are right that the term seems to reside more heavily in academia than popular writing, but I did find an article from The Ghanaian Times, providing a more concise definition:

One major cause of poverty is attributed to ‘information poverty’ —the lack of access to information and knowledge that could improve earnings potential.

The article goes on to discuss information & communications technologies and more on the digital divide.

Here is the proper citation for that source:
Darkwa, Dr Osei K. (2008, June 2). Providing ICTs In Rural Communities In Africa. The Ghanaian Times. Retrieved from

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Does anyone know of any popular writing that explains the concept of information poverty?

It seems like a powerful idea and way of speaking, but insofar as I can tell, doesn't seem to really escaped academia. Hooray for library scientists! I am mainly looking for a concise definition...thanks for all your help!

Hannah Miller

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