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What organized progressive or radical opposition is there to injected rfid chips (verichip, etc). I'm looking for secular opposition that does not invoke 666, the illuminati, etc. My question on behalf of a friend now in Canada, but would apply to US too.


First, I searched in the database Alt-Press Watch for articles using the keywords rfid or verichip (injected rfid did not come up with any results). You can try the same search in a mainstream periodical database (look at what your public library subscribes to) to find other articles, but I wanted to see if the alternative press (as defined by ProQuest, the database vendor) mentioned any opposition groups to the technology.

Katherine Albrecht's name came up several times. Her website,, is the project of a secular group advocating against RFID called CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering).

From their About Us page: "CASPIAN operates under free market, Libertarian principles. We believe that a healthy free market depends on consumers having access to information that impacts them so they can work to ensure that their best interests are met in the marketplace." (Well, so they're not progressive or radical, but on the other hand I don't see the Illuminati mentioned anywhere...)

Some search engine-ing (for "against rfid" verichip) led me to many other mentions of Ms. Albrecht as well as the Australia-based We The People Will Not Be Chipped. According to their FAQ, "We The People Will Not Be Chipped is a worldwide movement of people who campaign to protect human rights by resisting human micro chipping. We are independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion." (To the question "Is your organization Christian?" the site says: "Like any other organization we have Christians on board and we also have atheists. The movement is based on the protection of civil liberties and to preservation of free will. Christians are naturally drawn to this movement as they view human chipping as the fulfillment of scripture namely the mark of the beast found in Revelations." [emphasis in the original])

The articles I found in Alt-Press Watch will be emailed to you separately, in case they're of interest. At least one is also available on the open Web: "I'll Be Watching You" by Vanessa Czarnecki (May 4, 2006)