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what are the countries in europe with the least discrimination against arabs and muslims ?
how do german people react to muslims and arabs ?
in which is better, for a female "arabic" undergraduate to study abroad, germany or italy ?please put in mind that (medicine) is the major ..
what is the list of universities in italy or germany that teach medicine in english ?
"please answer any of these questions"


Here is a good source of very recent information on public opinion in EU countries on discrimination. This addresses your question about "what are the countries in europe with the least discrimination against arabs and muslims ?"

This is part of a large EU survey called "Eurobarometer" -- see the report under the section: Discrimination in the EU in 2009.

The fact sheets are summary info on each EU country

Germany ("DE"):
Italy ("IT"):

Here's a new report that might be useful:
European Conditions.
Findings of a study on Group-focused Enmity in Europe

wt the heck ?!!

it's been 3 weeks n still no answer !
u guys .. u guys r beautiful
come on ..
just tuck ur sleeves n give me somethin
it's only fair, i registered n all !!

Part of why this question is

Part of why this question is hard to answer is that it is very subjective. What do you mean by "better"? And discrimination can be felt in different ways all over. You might start by looking at the particular universities you're interested in and contacting their Muslim/Arab student groups. This is the sort of question that is probably best answered by talking to people who are Muslim/Arab students in European universities.

Is that helpful? If you give me a list of universities you're considering, I can take a closer look.

yeah, it really is

yeah, it really is helpful..
good thinking :)
n i will give u an update on that list, as soon as i get a clue wt i want!!

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