NYC Local Collective Meeting Notes, May/June 2010

Met at ABC No Rio

John, Jenna, Melissa, Alycia and Natalie were present.

Began by discussing the site maintenance.
Decided we don’t need to try Kickstarter because the donations are coming in on the site.

Jenna and Melissa are at the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit doing awesome stuff.

The Website is moving to LISHost soon, $10 a month. Keep donating to the "tip jar"!

Alycia mentioned a site redesign contest a potential way to get our site redesigned for cheap.
Potential use for Kickstarter.
Jenna suggested an intern could do it for class credit. Will put out to LIS school lists.
Mel mentioned that we would need to make a lot of decisions first about what we want.
Could be a Pratt IA project.

We are planning a Radical Reference social in NYC.
Jenna got consent from the Reanimation Library to use their space on July 31st.
Per Jenna’s email: the social is to make space for a fun time for radical librarians, something in between our typical five person meeting and a Desk Set soiree.