QUESTION: CIA involvement in murder of Bob Sheldon?

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I'm curious about the murder of Bob Sheldon, founder of the famous Chapel Hill infoshop, Internationalist Books, with especial focus on the reference to CIA involvement in the Sonic Youth song, "Chapel Hill." Written in 1991, the song contains two explicit references to Sheldon's murder that point to possible CIA involvement:

Back in the days when the battles raged
And we thought it was nothing
A bookstore man meets the CIA
And we know


Lookin' away it's another day
And of course we love you
But radical man meets the CIA
And we said no

I'm wondering if there is any credible evidence tying the CIA or local police to Sheldon's murder. It seems the CHPD and local FBI office did as little as possible to apprehend the killer with most people accepting that it was either a bungled robbery or perhaps retaliation from nationalist, pro-war citizens (Sheldon was murdered shortly after the start of the first Gulf War and he was predictably outspoken against it).

Here's a story commemorating Sheldon's life from the local alt-weekly:

And here's the Wikipedia article on Internationalist Books:

Thank you!

QUESTION: what software to use to create catalog of zines for our infoshop?

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This is more of a library logistics type question, but I figured I'd try here because it seems some of yall would have experience with this sort of thing. We are looking to catalog our zine archive at our infoshop, which is quite large (25 years worth of zines). We'd like a program that: can be used on both macs and pcs, imported and exported between computers, can be eventually put online and linked from our website, and has fields that are flexible to accommodate the fact that these are zines and not books (slightly different information will be cataloged). Can you recommend a program that we use, given that we don't host our site and we don't have linux on our computers? We looked at Librarything but are wary about having it hosted by something big and unknown given the content of our zines (paranoid?). I've also looked at MS access but don't know too much about it (esp. about putting it online...?)

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