Answer: QUESTION: Bay of Pigs,


This was a CIA/Joint Chiefs of Staff operation, so was under the control of the Executive branch, but was long enough in the planning (going back to the Eisenhower administration) to have been shared to some extent both officially and unofficially with congress.

According to Jim Rasenberger's book The Brilliant Disaster: JFK, Castro, and America's Doomed invasion of the Bay of Pigs, p. 150 "[Alan] Dulles and [Charles] Cabell [Director and Deputy Director of the CIA] had been keeping Congress vaguely informed of the plan in intelligence briefings." Rasenberger notes that chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee J. William Fulbright knew enough about the planned invasion to use a shared ride with the President on Air Force One to counsel strongly against the plan (pp. 151-152).

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QUESTION: CIA involvement in murder of Bob Sheldon?

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I'm curious about the murder of Bob Sheldon, founder of the famous Chapel Hill infoshop, Internationalist Books, with especial focus on the reference to CIA involvement in the Sonic Youth song, "Chapel Hill." Written in 1991, the song contains two explicit references to Sheldon's murder that point to possible CIA involvement:

Back in the days when the battles raged
And we thought it was nothing
A bookstore man meets the CIA
And we know


Lookin' away it's another day
And of course we love you
But radical man meets the CIA
And we said no

I'm wondering if there is any credible evidence tying the CIA or local police to Sheldon's murder. It seems the CHPD and local FBI office did as little as possible to apprehend the killer with most people accepting that it was either a bungled robbery or perhaps retaliation from nationalist, pro-war citizens (Sheldon was murdered shortly after the start of the first Gulf War and he was predictably outspoken against it).

Here's a story commemorating Sheldon's life from the local alt-weekly:

And here's the Wikipedia article on Internationalist Books:

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