QUESTION: Contacting Artists / Festival Models

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I am working with a group of students to plan a "Green Arts Festival" we have received funding from our college to plan a free, day long event open to students, faculty and staff. Currently we have been talking to some musicians about preforming preform and we are hoping to get artists to teach crafts that use recycled materials.

1.I would like to learn about some examples of successful past "Recycled Art" or "Environmentally Friendly" Art Festivals/Events. It would be particularly helpful if I could find examples of recycled art events that have happened in collaboration with colleges or universities.

2. It would be very helpful if I could get recommendations for how to find Philadelphia area teaching artists who specialize in working with recycled or "green" materials.



Hi Adrienne,

I've contacted some Philadelphia artists and activists and am waiting for more suggestions, but in the meantime I suggest starting with Book Bombs. They do stuff like make books out of old clothes.

Thanks to Katie Haegele for the link!

You might try contacting Neighborhood Bike Works about their Bike Part Art Show, which often features reused and recycled materials. They may recommend artists who would be interested in your project.