Outline and Notes from "Peeling the Onion: A Workshop on Research"

Peeling the Onion: A Workshop on Research

January 27, 2013
Park Slope Food Coop

Are you frustrated by how long it takes to find useful information about a given topic? Overwhelmed by the Internet and all the data out there? Unsure when to trust a source? Unable to translate your information needs to concrete queries?

Learn about the current information environment and how to navigate its layers for more fruitful searching sessions. Whether you're a student, a community activist, an independent journalist, or just someone who wants to be more efficient, come for research tips and tricks (and bring your own to share)!

Critical Librarianship Symposium Boston - Live Recording

On Saturday, November 17, 2012, the Boston Radical Reference Collective hosted a free symposium, Practical Choices for Powerful Impact: Realizin

Resources for Strategic Research

This is our all-encompassing resource sheet, with a printable PDF version attached below.

Getting Started

Business Research Workshop for the Labor Outreach Committee of OWS

On December 1, a few members of Rad Ref conducted a business research workshop for the Labor Outreach Committee of Occupy Wall Street. This is expected to be the first in a series, so stay tuned for more research resources in the coming year!

This page represents the introduction to the workshop, and four more sections plus a resource guide follow (links are also at the bottom of the page):

Case Studies

Case Study #1: Wendy's (a publicly-traded corporation)

Access to Research Collections

Public libraries

DIY FOIA Requests

The Freedom of Information Act

  • 1966: Enacted by Congress
  • 1996: Amended to encompass electronic records

The Research Process

Planning and managing the research process

  • Construct a research plan in order to stay on track, organize findings, allocate tasks, and track progress.

Eastern Iowa Collective

We are still in the process of getting going, but we're starting a local collective in Eastern Iowa. Folks can get in touch with us via radref.iowa@gmail.com

Critical Librarianship Symposium (Boston) - Panelist Bios

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