Sept 20 meeting notes

Meeting notes September 20, 2010

Present: Andrea, Megan, Lydia from Open Door Books

1. Collaboration with ODB

Sept 9 meeting notes

Radical Reference Montreal chapter
Thursday, September 9, 2010

Attended by: Andrea, Megan, Robin


1. IL workshop with ReCon

Aug 23rd 2010 meeting minutes

Rad Ref Aug 23rd Meeting Minutes

People at the meeting – Caroline, Megan, Andrea, Marie Michelle
Agenda – General reference kit
Working groups
Other stuff
Mandate action plan

NYC Local Collective Meeting Notes, August 2010

Met at Housing Works Bookstore

Charlotte, Jenna, Kate Ad, Kate An, and Winston were present.


Updated RR Flyer (English and Spanish)

Here is the updated (as of 2010) Radical Reference flyer, in English and Spanish. It's designed to be printed 4 sheets per page (change the settings via your print dialog box).

Aug 10th, meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes

August 10th, 2010

In attendance – Robin, Megan, Andrea

Agenda: Mandate
Articles (knowledge share)
Action Plan


July 29 meeting notes

Next Meeting

Tuesday, August 10th - 5pm
Atwater Library (1200 Avenue Atwater)

July 29th, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Date: July 29 2010

Montreal Radical Reference Collective

The Montreal local collective is still active! If you want to get involved subscribe to our mailing list here.

North TX Collective Minutes, July 2010

7/22/10 DFW Radical Reference Meeting (First Meeting!)
6:30pm @ Phil Johnson Historic Archive & Research Library

In attendance: Erin, Shaun, Greg, Azure, Sandy, Ron, Zein, Nicole

Radical Librarian Drinks Potluck

Saturday, July 31, 7-11pm
Reanimation Library, Proteus Gowanus

The NYC collective of Radical Reference will host a social gathering at the Reanimation Library in Brooklyn on Saturday, July 31. It is meant to be a meet and greet for library workers and LIS students with far left politics. Radico-curious folks welcome!

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