Remix My Podcast, 2.0 (NYC Grassroots Media Coalition workshop and networking event)

On January 30, Rad Ref helped out at a podcasting workshop, as part of the NYC Grassroots Media Coalition's "Make This NetWORK" series (we are a partner organization with the GMC).

IndyKids Research and Fact-Checking Workshop 2010

On Saturday, January 30, Emily, Kate, and I went up to Hunter College to conduct a workshop on research and fact-checking for members of the collective who put out IndyKids, "a free newspaper and teaching tool that aims to inform children on current news and world events from a progressive perspective and to inspire a passion for social justice and learning."

RDA Salon Notes

RDA vs. AACR2: Implications for Social Justice, Featuring Rick Block
Monday January 11, 2010 (Notes by Jessa Lingel)

NYC Local Collective Meeting Notes, November 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Present: Jenna, Kate, Melissa (sort of facilitator/notetaker), Natalie, Ray

RR-NYC Salon: Google Books Settlement Notes

[These notes are a stream of consciousness, typed very quickly, some names may be wrong or misspelled]--MJG
(Abbreviations: GBS (google books settlement), G (google), OW (orphaned works),

RR-NYC salon: Google Books Settlement

Friday October 16 2009
Sixth Street Community Center
638 East Sixth Street (between Avenues B & C)
Free, but attendees will be asked to donate a few bucks to help pay for the space rental

The NYC collective of Radical Reference will host a "people's university" style salon to discuss the Google Books Settlement.

Participants will be strongly encouraged to sign up to read one of the articles posted below, and be prepared to report on it at the meeting. See the bibliography from the OCLC salon discussion we held in January for an example of how this works.

  1. Please add items you think people should read ahead of time.
  2. Please keep them in anti-chronological order.
  3. Feel free, encouraged even, to provide some annotation.
  4. Please volunteer to summarize one item for the group at the salon by putting your name after it in parentheses, like this: (Farfel)
  5. If you can't/don't want to edit the page to add a citation or claim an article, just say what you want in a comment.

"Not Yours to Give" - Final Answer

(Summary of scholarly responses to attribution query, thanks to Ann Toplovich)

NYC Local Collective Meeting Notes, September 2009

RR NYC Collective Meeting, Friday, September 11, 2009

Attendance: Alycia, Angie, Becky, David, Denise, Ilya, Jenna, Jerome, John, Jonny (facilitator), Karen, Melissa, Myron, Natalie

  1. Intros
    In attendance were new and graduating LIS students (including an RR PDX transplant), library groupies, an ABC No Rio artgoer, a library project practitioner, and returning collective members.

Meeting Notes - June 24, 2009

Collective Brainstorming: Group Activities, Projects & Interests

Street Reference, Tabling, Flyers
Pride Parade/Dyke march – walk, or provide street reference

Meeting minutes July 2009

Location: Natalie's apartment in Brooklyn
Attendance: Cherie, Emily, Jenna, John, Melissa (facilitator), Natalie

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