RR-NYC salon: Google Books Settlement

Friday October 16 2009
Sixth Street Community Center
638 East Sixth Street (between Avenues B & C)
Free, but attendees will be asked to donate a few bucks to help pay for the space rental

The NYC collective of Radical Reference will host a "people's university" style salon to discuss the Google Books Settlement.

Participants will be strongly encouraged to sign up to read one of the articles posted below, and be prepared to report on it at the meeting. See the bibliography from the OCLC salon discussion we held in January for an example of how this works.

  1. Please add items you think people should read ahead of time.
  2. Please keep them in anti-chronological order.
  3. Feel free, encouraged even, to provide some annotation.
  4. Please volunteer to summarize one item for the group at the salon by putting your name after it in parentheses, like this: (Farfel)
  5. If you can't/don't want to edit the page to add a citation or claim an article, just say what you want in a comment.



There's also a good bibliography on the Open Book Alliance site and another one from Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Also of interest, an interview with Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt and co-founder Sergey Brin. They mention the settlement, evilness.

Maybe this doesn't belong in the general bibliography, so I'll put it here: Harvard professor Robert Darnton's "Google & the Future of Books," published in the New York Review of Books on February 12, 2009.

Guiding Questions

  1. Into which category does your article fit--background, pro-settlement, anti-settlement, neutral, primary source?
  2. Does your article reflect or inspire a radical perspective on the topic?
  3. Does your article make any implications about libraries or librarianship vis a vis the settlement?
  4. ???

Notes from the salon are here.