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Press Release (Continued)

Before and during the Republican National Convention, volunteer library workers will use their professional skills to answer information needs from activists and independent journalists.

ANSWER: Circulation figures from Ulrich's 1969-1970

Circulation figures for the largest "underground" press publications: Ulrich's Interational Periodicals Directory, 13th ed., 1969-70.

ANSWER: Arab labor history

    Here are some titles you might want to check
out.  With the exception of "From socialism to Islam" all of these
titles are available through ABE Books
For that one I could not locate a local source.  It is however
available through Ohiolink or UW Madison.  If you are so inclined
you could probably score it through interlibrary loan from your public
library.  I also located this Wikipedia web page that might be of
interest.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_as_a_political_movement.  The Ejournal  Socialism Today  also has a lot to say about Islam and the Arab World. 

ANSWER: Theory of Anarchy

No Gods No Masters Vols.1 & 2. Guerin, Daniel. AK Press: April 1997 (both volumes). ISBNs: Vol.1 #1873176643, Vol.2 #1873176694
According to Powell's, this is the first English translation of Guerin's seminal work on the history and practice of anarchism in the West. It includes many unpublished letters and essays from founders and leaders in the movement. Appears to be a very broad, thorough reference.

More on Carlyle Group (w/r/t "War profiteering")

Now, I can't access the original question, so, original asker, please let me know if I'm not really addressing your concerns. I'm not totally sure what "war profiteering" means, apart from profiting from a war...must be more nuanced than that...

Carlyle Group

Not sure what you consider "damning facts" -- the fact that the Hoover's Online entry begins "Can you say military-industrial complex?" might be one to some.

I started by visiting their web page; the pages of financial services firms usually incorporate press releases, lists of their holdings. You can see these holdings broken out alphabetically, geographically, by industry, and by the fund through which they're held. The most relevant category given the question ("War profiteers") would probably be Aerospace & Defense. Others that might be of interest include Energy & Power, and Industrial. Here's some select information about their Aerospace group.

The Disinfopedia entry on Carlyle is mostly cribbed (with citations, no worries) from Hoover's Online. There's no handy link to the Hoover's entry, but if you go to Hoover's and search for "Carlyle" in the search box, basic information is available without a subscription.

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