NYC Collective May/June 2007 Meeting Minutes

June 1, 2007 (combined May/June meeting)
ABC No Rio

In attendance: Gretchen, Jenna, John, Melissa

1. U.S. Social Forum. In the event that a Rad Ref presence in the media center there does work out, home support would be nice mainly to connect those of us on-site with databases available only to Rad Reffers with academic access (e.g. to Lexis-Nexis, which public libraries don't subscribe to). Melissa will keep the main RR list posted with USSF news.

Copyright Salon Notes

Copyright discussion notes, Radical Reference Salon 4/29/07

Laura Quilter conducted a discussion of copyright. We went around the table and people brought up copyright interests, concerns, and questions.

A few key issues were discussed, with elaboration below: Copyright paranoia; struggles to get permissions; concerns regarding electronic reserves; contract vs. copyright law; definitions of 'good faith belief'; works-for-hire; use fees.

NYC Collective April 2007 Meeting Minutes

Sunday, April 29
New York City AIDS Housing Network office, Brooklyn

In attendance: Jonny, Becca, Melissa, Jenna, John, Emily, Dena, Gretchen, Judy, Laura

  1. Melissa gave an update on RadRef plans for the US Social Forum. She is still interested in going, but emails to other people in the group who have expressed interest have gone unanswered. Susie, a librarian from Boston, is interested in setting up a 'reference desk'-style station at the media center. John suggested doing an outreach effort asking activists "What can Radical Reference do for you?" It was suggested that participants hand out flyers pointing people to a survey on the website. Melissa is planning to go and urges other RadReffers to contact her to firm up planning.

Z682.4 G39 Boston Pride

Members of Boston Rad Ref participated in the Boston Pride Parade in June 2006 with other members of the local Sassy Librarians Guild.

Western Massachusetts Radical Reference Collective


Contact Debbie or Dena to get involved and reactive the group.

Copyright / Fair Use Salon

Sunday, April 29 from 5-7pm at the NYC AIDS Housing Network in Brooklyn.

Copyright paranoia is infecting us all these days. The concepts of "fair use," "first sale," other free expression and library-friendly defenses are how we keep that paranoia in check. Come learn from each other's questions, confusions, and strategies in a discussion moderated by Laura Quilter (information law attorney and former librarian). As library activists, how can we protect the public's rights, educate ourselves, and meaningfully effect change?

Human Rights Resources page

Resources list compiled by/for the academic discussion group H-Human Rights.

History, Resistance

History is a Weapon is a broad collection of essays on social change from a variety of political tendencies.

ANSWER: What makes a book a classic? (redux)

Originally, in our English tradition of Eurocentric scholarship, the term "classic" or "classical" referred to the great ages of Greece and Rome, and the literature they produced - think Homer, Sophocles, Cicero, Plutarch, etc. The term in this sense has come to be applied to the great works of historical eras of other areas of the globe.

Alternative Radio and Audio Resources

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