The Anti-Nazi 'Swing Youth' - (follow-up to QUESTION: Alternative Youth Culture in Nazi Germany)

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I'm looking for a specific source that my library database doesn't have a subscription far enough back to obtain, the source is:
Beck, Earl. "The Anti-Nazi 'Swing Youth,' 1942-45." Journal of Popular Culture 19, no. 3 (1985): 45-53

please let me know if you have access to this, thanks


Radical Reference and InterActivist Skillshare

Radical Reference and InterActivist Network have agreed to collaborate on monthly Sunday afternoon skillshares. They are meant to share skills and knowledge among librarians and technology workers and will generally be targeted to participants with intermediate to advanced experience in librarianship or computer technology, depending on the topic.

NYC Local Collective Meeting Notes October 2007

Attendance: Alycia, Jenna, Melissa G, Melissa M (facilitator)

Tenants Resources Skillshare
Grassroots Media Conference
Republican National Convention
October 27 anti-war demo

radical reference website to-do list

Radical Reference website to do list, in no particular order:

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GMC working page

February 22, 2008

Please fill your name in (or ask me to) if you are willing and able to table. We need two people per slot. Put a note after the 6pm sign-up if your availability is flexible.

NYC Collective September 2007 Meeting Minutes

September 23, 2007
ABC No Rio
Present: Audrey, Caitlin, Carmen, Christine, Fiona, Jenna, Jessa, John, Lily, Mel, Melissa G., Melissa M., Pilara, Rita

1. Because a number of new people attended, we started with an introduction to Rad Ref, what it means to us individually, and what sorts of things we've done in NYC.

Results of USSF 2007 Information Needs/Information Behavior Survey

The results of the information needs/information behavior survey conducted at the 2007 US Social Forum are downloadable (Word document) here.

July 2007 meeting minutes

Sunday, July 29, 2007 5pm. NYCAHN office, Brooklyn.

In attendance: Emily, Jenna, Jonathan, Melissa
Regrets due to traffic or weather: Alycia, John, Susie

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Information Needs Survey

This survey was distributed at the first ever US Social Forum in Atlanta.


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