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This past Saturday, March 1st, Los Angeles Radical Reference held a workshop for library students at the Southern California Library for Social Studie

Radical Reference 2008 Grassroots Media Election Guide

Radical Reference Presents: the 2008 Grassroots Media Election Guide

Librarian volunteers from the Radical reference collective

NYC Collective February 2008 Meeting Notes

February 15, 2008
Alycia's House
Present: Jenna, Melissa M., Jonathan, John W.B., Lisa, Matt, Laena, Holly, Alycia

Alternative Voices on the Internet: Managing the News Online - Grassroots Media Conference 2008

Full workshop description at nycgrassrootsmedia.org/node/1336

Definitions and context

What is Web 2.0?

January 26 meeting update!

The Greater Los Angeles Collective met this past weekend, after a lull of many, many months. Five of us from Los Angeles and one from Santa Ana discussed possible projects:

NYC Collective January 2008 Meeting Minutes

January 18, 2008
ABC No Rio
Present: Julie, Christi, John, Jenna, Melissa M, Alycia

Video Archives and Resources

This page has been created in response to a question about video archives that could be useful for activists (and those who love them).

Tucson Radical Reference Collective

This is the local collective page for Tucson. Contact Nicole for more info.

Radref abstracts to help in writing and preparing for presentations

Attached are a few abstracts and short articles to help others write and present about radical reference.

NYC Collective November 2007 Meeting Minutes

Radical Reference New York City
Meeting Minutes
November 16, 2007
Julie’s place, Jersey City, NJ

N.A.C.L.A. Research Methodology Guide

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