Meeting minutes July 2009

Location: Natalie's apartment in Brooklyn
Attendance: Cherie, Emily, Jenna, John, Melissa (facilitator), Natalie

  1. Website how-to
    We did a quick hands on showing how to make a blog post and how to post meeting minutes. Highlights included making links, URL path settings, subject tagging, break tag, and making relative links to other RR website content. Hint: go into any page that has formatting you want to copy, click the edit tab, and see how the author did what s/he did.
  2. SLA Report Back: Cherie and Natalie's presentation at the Special Libraries Conference in Washington, DC
    • Cherie gave history and overview of what we do
    • Natalie handled the open source/tech side
    • 40-50 attendees in and out (during a time slot with a lot of really good programming)
    • Handled questions about volunteers using library resources to answer questions, among others
  3. Next salon
    We discussed a number of topics, but decided that the next three "public" events might be
    • August: movie event at Brecht Forum, mostly organized by Matt Peterson, but some members of Rad Ref and Desk Set might be asked to serve on a panel, perhaps as "reactors"?
    • September: Google Books (or possibly some other hot topic) to attract new volunteers. Same style as the OCLC forum we held in January, where participants will read an article beforehand and be prepared to present it to the group.
    • October: Rabid Reference
      We don't know what that means yet; it just tickled us at the time.
    • Ideas proposed and saved for later: workplace issues, Radical Reference practice (neutrality, using subscription databases to answer questions, etc.), quinoa preparation, "What's radical about Radical Reference?," taxonomy vs. tagging
  4. The movies--Natalie is the RR point person and will share details with the group presently.
  5. Website workday
    Eric is trying to interest Interactivist and local Drupal developers in a major work day for the site. They'll need our input at the beginning of the day. Who can participate? Let's buy the developers pizza. We'll suggest 7/19, 7/25, 8/1, or 8/2 for the first session.
    Plus we need to fix instances on the NYC Local Collective page that say that minutes are coming soon.

Minutes submitted by Jenna. Apologies if I got anything wrong!