Business Research Workshop for the Labor Outreach Committee of OWS

On December 1, a few members of Rad Ref conducted a business research workshop for the Labor Outreach Committee of Occupy Wall Street. This is expected to be the first in a series, so stay tuned for more research resources in the coming year!

This page represents the introduction to the workshop, and four more sections plus a resource guide follow (links are also at the bottom of the page):

At the beginning of the workshop, we asked the participants two questions:

When you're doing research, where do you start?

  • Google
  • the phone book
  • Wikipedia
  • LexisNexis
  • the newspaper
  • reports and newsletters from advocacy groups
  • books
  • documentaries

When you're doing research, what are some roadblocks that you hit?

  • How do you know what's the truth? How do you evaluate the authority of your sources?
  • too much information on Google (We asked how many people ever go past the third page of Google results, and only 4 or so people raised their hand. One man said he sometimes skips to a deep page "to see what they're burying.")
  • paywalls
  • lack of time, lack of focus to read through everything.