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Hi all. I have been reading more about and by Emma Goldman recently, and I have this serious desire to find out what she actually told people about birth control in her talks that landed her in jail. I haven't been able to track down that info. Looked in the birth control issue of Mother Earth, looked in Berkeley's Emma Goldman Papers, the Jewish Women's Archive, looked in Anarchy! an Anthology of Emma Goldman's Mother Earth Glassgold, Ed. Waiting for a response from the Labadie Collection at U Michigan.

I'd be really excited about either a talk transcript or one of the pamphlets that she distributed.

Thanks so much for any help!

Labadie Collection doesn't have anything : (


There are several Emma Goldman texts on you could search through.

I'd also recommend a Google Books search on < emma goldman birth control >. Then you'll have to poke around each individual book.

A few items that might be

A few items that might be related to what you're looking for:

Harry A. Weinberger Collection, Yale University - contains a complete record of Goldman's arrests for birth control activity

The first issue of Woman Rebel contains an excerpt from Goldman's essay "Marriage and Love" that talks about birth control. Here's is a facsimile reprint that looks like it includes be the issue in question:
There is also microfilm of that issue:|library/marc/voyager|540415

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