QUESTION: Basic timeline of global worker cooperative history.

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I work with (a growing number) of immigrant led worker cooperatives based in rural Western NC and am looking for any type of historical timeline on the history of cooperative enterprise here in the US and in the Global South. To help folks understand the context and history and global scale of coops.

With an emphasis (if possible ;) on coops developed by and for working class communities.

Any basic resources would be immensely appreciated.!!

Book and links to archives

See: John Curl For all the people : uncovering the hidden history of cooperation, cooperative movements, and communalism in America, Oakland, CA : PM Press, 2009 for an American history.

You might want to extend your research outside of the US and global South for a proper time line. The history of the co-operative movement is often dated from the start of the Rochdale Pioneers in the U.K. The museum named after them has a page that contains links to many archives dealing with co-operative history.

The work of the The Plunkett Foundation Reference Information Centre which "houses a comprehensive English-language collection covering all aspects of co-operative and social enterprise in rural areas" might be of particular interest to you.

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