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Books Through Bars Bingo

Books Through Bars NYC (equipping the incarcerated with free reading material since the summer of '96!) is having its sometimes-annual "BINGO NIGHT!" to raise funds for our all-volunteer organization!

If you enjoy cheap beer and a good game of Bingo, come on out!
Admission is FREE, and only $1.00 per card to play!

Where: ABC No Rio (156 Rivington Street, LES)

When: Friday, November 7th, starting at 7:00PM

ABC No Rio Gala & Benefit Auction

I hope every single activist and art lover in the NYC area will attend the ABC No Rio Gala & Benefit Auction on Wednesday, October 22 at the Angel Orensanz Cultural Center on the lower east side of Manhattan.

Sandy Berman's Birthday

Sandy Berman, a man admired by many radical librarians, turns 75 on October 6. I know it's late notice, but if you can fire off a card or letter tomorrow, it might only get to him two days late. (Oops.) Backstory.

lost files found

Particularly observant users of this site will have noticed that I finally demoted the website upgrade in progress note that's been on the front page since last December.

Radical Reference in CQ Politics

Radical Reference was profiled in CQ Politics. Wanda Marsolek and Steve LaBash were quoted.

Radical Collections in Public Libraries

The NYC Collective is planning an event featuring local radical archives collections. So far we've got the Tamiment at NYU and the Lesbian Herstory Archives lined up, and probably ABC No Rio.

We'd love to add a public library to our offering, but we don't seem to know of any public library collections, local or semi-local that have an explicitly radical collection.

Référence Radicale

For your convenience, and that of Melissa and Lia at the IFLA conference in Ville de Québec, two versions of the Radical Reference flyer in French.

Rad Ref Blog-a-Thon in LJ

Rad Ref blogged on The Ericson Edition

I learned courtesy of a Google Alert of this nice blog post about Radical Reference, "File Under Progressive: Radical Librarians Catalogue for the Cause."

Library of Congress Subject Heading Blog-a-Thon: Response from LC

Here is a response from Anthony R.D. Franks Team Leader, Cooperative Cataloging Team Library of Congress, published with his permission (links added and typos fixed):

Thank you for your recent e-mail about the Blog-a-Thon. It will be interesting to see what your group comes up with next time. To facilitate matters, please let me know ahead of time. As we usually identify proposals by institution and not by group, it's always a good idea to include a note in the 952 field--perhaps "Blogathon returns!"

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