Radical Reference in CQ Politics

Radical Reference was profiled in CQ Politics. Wanda Marsolek and Steve LaBash were quoted.

RNC Weirdness

So. I guess being a radical librarian will ruffle a few feathers. Here is what a wacko posted on Indymedia:

RNC Raids

So. The weirdness has begun in the Twin Cities. We will be blogging about our days during the RNC convention.

Get Ready For The RNC!

UPDATE: Here's the wiki with all the info! http://wiki.radicalreference.info/index.php/RNC2008

Welcome the RNC Welcoming Committee


The folks from the Twin Cities who are coordinating the protests against the RNC this summer are coming soon to a city near you!

RNC Guide Back Online!

The RNC Guide from Republican National Convention protests in New York City in August/September 2004 is back online! This is the first project Radical Reference librarians worked on as members of Radical Reference. We're between the mechanics and the hustlers in the credits.

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