Question: Blind Culture

Question? : I'm looking for information about "blind
culture" in the USA. "Deaf culture" is pretty strong and easy to identify -- there are deaf advocates, there's a movement against cochlear implants, and a general sense of a deaf political and cultural identity. Is there a similar movement among blind or visually-impaired people?

Question: Radical Addiction Analysis

I was wondering if there are any books or websites that offer analyses of addiction issues in a more radical context as opposed to the more traditional, "psych 101" genre?


Question: Genographic Research

The GENOGRAPHIC project, organized as a research partnership of National Geographic and IBM, proposes to explore the migratory history of man by analysing mutation patterns in mitichondrial DNA and the Y chromosome. The focus will be on indigenous populations, but individuals from the general public are invited to participate by anonymously submitting two samples of DNA (buccal swabs) and a fee of $100. Some of us are torn between interest in the project and concern that this vast collection of diverse genetic material may be used in other applications (for instance, the establishment of a genetic research bank using the spare second sample...). Any insights, advice, reassurances or caveats from someone more fully acquainted with this would be much appreciated.

Question: Missouri Dept. of Corrections Inmate Statistics

A member of the Missouri Prisoners Labor Union is looking for Missouri Dept. of Corrections inmate per capita costs summary for fiscal years 1993-2004. Specifically "the policies needed Search IS-20-1

Question: Sacco & Vanzetti's lawyer

I'm looking for info on Sacco & Vanzetti's defense attorney. I work in the home where he lived.

Question: abortion

Why was abortion made illegal in the 1800s? what were some of the laws preventing women from getting abortions? (any primary sources would be very helpful). what did the american medical association have to do with the prohibition of abortion in the 1800s?

Question: FCC complaints

I am looking for information about FCC complaints. Is there any database that lists, for example, complaints that Verizon might have filed with the FCC about other ISP's interference with their wirele

QUESTION: Anarchist families/living alternatives

I need to find a movie or book or script that has an anarchist family/living alternative to use as my case for a research paper about that topic. Do you know of any?

Bibliotecarios Por la Paz (Librarians for Peace)

Gracias por la pregunta a Referencia Radical. Puedo ayudarle, y espero que puede comprenderme en la lengua.

El lugar web "Librarians for Peace" (Bibliotecarios Por la Paz) esta en

New York City Radical Reference Collective

Who We Are (and When/Where We Meet)

The New York City branch of the activist collective Radical Reference is an assortment of information workers in the New York City area dedicated to critical engagement with issues surrounding the intersection of information and social justice. We have done street reference during the 2004 Republican National Convention and other demonstrations, and we offer free workshops on topics like fact-checking and online research. Follow us on Twitter to be kept up-to-date on our activities.

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