Question: Is There a Way to Contact an Inmate in the San Luis Potosi Prison in Mexico?

Is there a way to get a list of the names of inmates in prison in the state of San Luis Potosi in Mexico?

Question: Original Use of the Phrase "America's Love Affair With the Automobile."

I'm trying to pin down the origin of the phrase "Americans are having a love affair with the automobile." What is the earliest use of that phrase, and by whom?

Question: Iraq Insurgency

I have a project for a radical newspaper that I am hoping that you can help me with. Here is what I am looking for:

If we can find any opinion polls on how people feel about the war in Iraq.
1. National “percentage that supports the war

Question: Municipal Public Documents

What are reference desks at our north american cities' public libraries doing to make available more of their respective municipalities departments' current municipal public documents?...

Our boston public library government documents division declines to advocate for a mayoral directive and for a city council order at city hall for more comprehensive transmittal to our bpl of city public documents. Studying our municipal government organization is denied citizens even at our public library. It is not unique to boston. It is the predicament at many north american cities' public libraries.

Question: Beliefs on Grand Canyon origins

Can you help me find a poll reference ( within past five years, I'm
sure) that showed up to one-third of Americans believe the Grand
Canyon was carved out by Noah's flood?

Question: breast cancer and astra zeneca

I am trying to get information on Astra Zeneca and its conncection with breast cancer.

I have read that Astra Zeneca is the chief sponsor of Breat Cancer Awareness Month and that they are a major manufacturer of breast cancer drugs as well as agricultural chemicals that have been linked to breast cancer. I have also heard that A.Z. owns and operates a number of breast cancer treatment centres and that their primary treatment drug, Tamoxifan, has actually been linked to tumpr growth.

Question: Prison libraries directory

Is there a master list that contains the contact information of all U.S. prison libraries? I need this for the purpose of donating books to prison libraries.

QUESTION: recruitment goal numbers speculates that the military is deliberately lowering its recruiting goals in order to avoid continuing shortfalls (i.e., we made our goal even though we lowered it)

QUESTION: Origins of methadone

I'm wondering about the origins of the drug methadone. I've heard that it was invented by Nazi scientists. Tom Cruise claimed in Entertainment Weekly that it was originally called Adolphine after Adolf Hitler.

QUESTION: New York corporations

I'm trying to investigate a New York state company, in order to ascertain whether it is the parent of two other companies in CA and KS (both being ethically challenged) which have the same name.

The first logical thing to check was the NY secretary of state's office, via their website and then by phone. Alas, that office only keeps on file a name & address for each company.

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