Question: NYC Radical Lending Library

Hey me and some friends were trying to find a space to rent to have a radical lending library in NYc but then someone came up with idea of just donating all our radical books to one particular branch of the nYPL and then mak publiccizing it as the radical library..

Question: Anti-Fascist Symbol

I'm trying to find out some background and history of an anti-fascist symbol, ie, who created it, when, and in what context, and if it is still used by any person, group, or movement. The symbol is t

Question: Ordinance of 1830

I'm trying to find out where I can find the government notes for the laying out of townships (establishing townships) as per the federal ordinace of 1830 for Delaware County, Indiana. This is for a Land Surveying company in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana and we've tried the Delaware County Building which holds the Auditors Office, Recorders Office, and the County Surveyors Office, but to no avail. Please help if you can, if not, I understand. Thanks!

Question: 20th Century Classical Music - Polish Composers

Question? : There was a Polish composer who wrote a piece that served as an elegy to a mentor of his - another composer - who was killed by an avalanche while skiing. I'm looking for the name of the composer (not the one who was killed) and the name of the piece.(submitted May 19, 2005)

Question: Alternative New Orleans Travel Guide

I'm looking for alternative travel guides to New Orleans. Alternative as in not Fodor's, not Lonely Planet, etc. Online only is fine.

Question: Punk influence on activism

I am currently doing a project on the influence of the punk band Crass on the music, politics and sub-culutures of the last 20-25 years. I would greatly appreciate it if some one there could write me a few lines saying what , if any, influence anarcho-punk, Crass, Conflict, Flux of Pink Indians, Dead Kennardys etc.

Question: 1877 Railway Strike

Question? : Where can i find more information about the Great Railway Strike of 1877? Specifically information that deals with Baltimore and the racial dynamics of the strikers and rioters. Thank you

Question: African Americans and Housing

What is the percentage of African Americans living in public housing? Do you know of a good book that illustrates the Reagan Era and its effects in communities of color (employment, housing, criminali

Question: Blind Culture

Question? : I'm looking for information about "blind
culture" in the USA. "Deaf culture" is pretty strong and easy to identify -- there are deaf advocates, there's a movement against cochlear implants, and a general sense of a deaf political and cultural identity. Is there a similar movement among blind or visually-impaired people?

Question: Radical Addiction Analysis

I was wondering if there are any books or websites that offer analyses of addiction issues in a more radical context as opposed to the more traditional, "psych 101" genre?


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