Question: Free Wireless in London

hellllo...I came recently to london and i m looking for
some places where i can use my laptop(i have wireless card) to acess
to free internet without limit of time(preferential a place where i

QUESTION: Emma Goldman quote

What did Emma Goldman mean when she said "Its not my revolution if i can't dance to it?"

Question: King Phillip's Head

After King Phillip's head was posted at Plymouth, Mass. it was taken somewhere. Where was it taken and what happened to it?

Question: USA patriot act and libraries

under the patriot act, how do government officials obtain information about a patron if the patron's record is cleared every time he/she returns material? can they only search for materials currently checked out?

Question: HIV/AIDS pamphlet for prisoners

I am looking for a pamphlet on AIDS and HIV prevention, written specifically for prisoners as an audience. There must be some organization (or multiple ones) working on HIV education and prevention for prisoners, which has produced such a thing.

Question: NYPD lawsuit

What was the biggest award for damages in a class action suit brought against the NYPD? Who was police commissioner during this?

My recollection was that a giant suit was won by multiple plaintiffs during the Giulliani administration involving a scheme to bring hardened prison guards into precincts who then abused New Yorkers charged with very minor offences like brake lights out. People were stripped and sexually bullied very much like Abu Ghraib. But when I try to web search this I come up blank on news sites.

Question: what makes a book a classic?

What makes a book a classic? What is the criteria and would the novel "The Color Purple" be considered a classic?

Question: American mortality statistics

What are some good sources for mortality statistics for Americans? For example, where would I go to find out how many Americans die each year from car accidents or lightning strikes? How about more smoking deaths or offbeat stuff like bee stings?

Question: voting records of NYC council on the Cities for Peace Initiative

Just learned about your site. Excellent!! If you can't find the voting records of NYC City Council members on the Cities for Peace resolution can you direct me as to where to find 'em myself?

Question: Gandhi and his foes

did mahatma gandhi have his foes beaten or killed? i think i remember reading something about this, but now i can't find anything on it.

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